Tarzan fights a Tor-o-don

Generic Tor-O-Don


The Tor-O-Don are a species that appears in 1921 E.R. Burroughs novel Tarzan the Terrible. That was the eighth novel, as Burroughs’ first Tarzan work was published in 1912.

As you gathered from the illustrations, the novel had a 1968 comic book adaptation (with Russ Manning art to boot).


The Tor-o-dons are a solitary race of nearly extinct primates living in the wilderness of Pal-u-don.

It is uncertain if female tor o dons exist, because only males have been encountered. When the tor o don reaches its rutting season it kidnaps females from surrounding more humanlike neighbors like the waz-don and ho-don. Other than these times, it roams its hunting grounds alone.

It may be capable of some sort of speech. It gives the great gryfs commands by which it forces them to do its bidding. It uses tools and weapons of a primitive sort. Clubs and stones usually. It is a merciless killer and hunter. All other humanoids of Pal-u-don fear this manlike beast.

Tarzan slew one with a knife in hand to hand combat. It was one of his closest fights because of the tor-o-don’s prehensile tail. It is a favorite tactic of these beast-men to curl it around an opponent’s neck and choke him to death. Even while Tarzan killed it, the Jungle Lord was rendered unconscious by this choke hold.

However, one of its kind was easily slain by Tarzan when he used his bow. Since this weapon is unknown in Pal-u-don the tor-o-don was unaware of its deadly properties.

A Tor-o-Don being ridden

Tor-o-dons use gryfs (a tremendous carnivorous triceratops) as mounts or attack animals. They have a relationship of leadership over these powerful beasts that is nearly magical. Although again, Tarzan used their techniques to master the gryf as well.

Like all humanoids of Pal-u-don, the tor-o-don is an masterful climber, aided by its prehensile tail.


Huge, hairy, hominid that is either a very high order of ape or a very low order of man.

A tor-o don is of massive built, equipped with large fangs and a fully functional, prehensile tail. Its appearance is extremely frightful.

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

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Dex: 05 Str: 06 Bod: 06 Motivation: Animalistic
Int: 01 Wil: 01 Min: 03 Occupation: Hunter/gatherer
Inf: 02 Aur: 01 Spi: 01 Resources {or Wealth}: 00
Init: 008 HP: 005

Analytical smell/tracking scent: 05, Animal Summoning: 06, Extended hearing: 01, Extra Limb (Prehensile tail): 04

Acrobatics (Climbing): 07, Animal Handling (gryfs): 10, Thief (Stealth): 06

Conditional Soaking (Blunt attacks).

Bonuses and Limitations:
Animal handling and Animal summoning only with Gryfs. Animal summoning is a Skilled Power, being a cry recognised by Gryfs.

Involuntary exile, Serious Rage, Strange Appearance.

By Rod Hunsicker and Sébastien Andrivet.

Source of Character: Tarzan the Terrible.