Truhan - cover of Juglar by Rafael Marin



Juglar was a mid-2000s Spanish novel by Rafael Marìn.

It takes place in an alternate version of the late career of Spanish national hero El Cid , circa 1099. Most notably, in this world magic exists.



  • Real Name: Esteban de Sopetrán, Estebanillo.
  • Marital Status: Single.
  • Known Relatives: Don Luis de las Simas Profundas (grandfather).
  • Group Affiliation: None.
  • Base Of Operations: Mobile through Castilla and Lèon; early, Sopetrán Monastery.
  • Height: 5’5” Weight: 140lbs.
  • Eyes: Green Hair: Black

Powers and Abilities

Truhàn is a decent poet, and a good storyteller. He’s also an accomplished stage illusionist, especially when he uses real magic or his invisible left hand.

He’s used to survive by his own means, even deep in the wilderness.

He excels in the arts of social interplay, whether among peasants, warriors, rogues or even kings. He is also an expert lover.

Each and all of his many faces are enhanced by the fact he’s also a natural born sorcerer. He also has a healing factor  that allows him to recover in a couple of hours from wounds that would keep any other man in bed for a week.


History (part 1)

On the Christmas night of 1048 a newborn was found in front of the Sopetran Monestry, near Guadalajara in Castile. He was called Esteban, since it was St. Esteban’s day. The charming baby became one more of the congregation.

It was on those early days of childhood that he started to discover that magic was real. He saw the mysterious Brother Emmanuel, a former Muslim converted into Christianity, heal a frozen monk at the expenses of his own life. Later, the thirsty Estaban stole Mass wine to drink… and it became disgusting, warm blood in his mouth.

Esteban de Sopetran wasn’t made to be a monk. On 1064 the young noble Fernan, who had been at Sopetran for two years, left and took Esteban with him as a page and confident.

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Fernan was a dabbler in the occult thanks to a mirror received from his mother, through which her spirit taught him magic: one day the mirror mistook Esteban for Fernan, and so our hero started learning magic spells.

When Fernan’s father died, they travelled to Burgos, where Castilian’s court was at the time, to swear fealty to King Sancho. There they met:

  • Two sisters with their own strongholds: blonde and sexy Doña Elvira, lady of Toro, and dark and secretive Doña Urraca, mistress of Zamora.
  • The attractive Doña Elvira, niece of the king.
  • The young, faithful and mighty Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, King Sancho’s ensign. He was starting to be called El Cid Campeador (The Champion Leader).

One night, Fernan tried to join Elvira disguised with Esteban’s monk robes. But he was killed with an iron nail through his heart, his tongue severed and impaled by the wall with a silver nail. Shocked, Esteban fled Burgos. He feared that he would be found guilty of the event.

During a brief encounter with bandits, Esteban discovered that his magic spells worked – and he had a surprising regenerative power. After that he started a new life, going from town to town as an itinerant minstrel. He would sing, perform prestidigitation tricks and tell stories. He started being known Truhàn (“Rogue”).

Visit scenic Navarre

One day of 1066, close to the Kingdom of Navarre, he met an army ready for war. To avoid getting press-ganged he left the roads and slept in the wilderness.

That night he was attacked by a triad of ghoul-like devils who tried to devour him. He barely managed to scare them. Truhàn fled badly injured with poisoned wounds his regeneration couldn’t heal.

He was healed by a Muslim warlock, Soliman, lord of Medinaceli. But Soliman also imprisoned him in the hopes of learning his “Christian Magic”. Esteban felt he had to refuse, and in retaliation two female vampiric servants of Soliman, a katanes and a ghaddar, devoured his balls.

He was a prisoner, enduring four years of physical and mental tortures. But in 1070, El Cid took Medinaceli and rescued Esteban.

Video interlude

The character portrait used in this entry is well arbitrary, and was done by this here site’s editor. Did I make him look too sexy ? I prolly made him look too sexy. Oh well.

Here’s a video of our made-up character model going through its idles, because why not.

History (part 2)

For years, Truhàn went with Cid’s Host as a non-combatant. He would lift spirits, heal wounds, or euthanize those beyond healing. He learned the value of comradeship and the virtues of the warrior life. Only his lost manhood kept torturing him.

He started dreaming he talked to a wise king called Alfonso. But there existed no such king… yet.

In 1076, Esteban went to Asturias to meet Doña Ximena’s parents. But he was reeled in by the undead charm of the Bad Host (aka the Saint Company). Deep into the woods, the spectre of Don Fernan told him he had been killed by error, after being mistaken for Esteban.

Truhàn would have fallen to the spell of the Bad Host, trading places with Fernan. But Ximena came to the rescue, revealing her own magical powers. She told him there was only one magic. Some divided it by religion, others by gender, but neither was true.

El Cid exiled

El Cid’s master King Sancho died during a siege at Zamora. His rival and brother Alfonso received Castile, Leon and Galicia. At first all seemed as before. But past offences were dredged up, and El Cid and his retinue were exiled.

They went to Zaragoza to offer their services to the Muslim governor. At this point, Zaragoza wasn’t at war with King Alfonso.

In 1084, a long string of bad luck forced Esteban to live El Cid’s Host. At the Muslim court he met the Jewish poetess and beauty Jael Nur. Ms. Nur also knew magic, and she had similar but more powerful regenerative powers as Truhàn. She called this the “black blood”.

Jael used magic to enthral most men at the court. Then she had Truhàn and a Muslim warrior to accompany her on a quest for a mystical stone dagger. She also promised Esteban that she would restore his genitals and be his lover if he stole El Cid’s sacred sword, Tizona.

Jael’s quest

They went through a deep cave into a side dimension beyond time and space. The warrior perished despite carrying Tizona with him. Truhàn took the sword, passed through the dangers of the cave and emerged in a cavern full of Hebrew and Christian artifacts, from the Life and Death Tree to the Covenant’s Ark or Jesus’ Cross Nails.

All of it was under the sleeping countenance of the giant figure of Enoch, He Who Watched God.

Esteban recovered Abraham’s Dagger but was attracted by a certain Thorn Crown and pricked a finger with it. This both turned his left hand invisible and awoke Enoch, now the Metatron, to punish the unfaithful.

Truhàn and Jael fled the cave with the dagger. They had two days filled with sex then Esteban murdered her with the holy knife. Compared with his runaway from Burgos, 20 years before, this time he fled from a crime he was guilty of.

A wager

He returned to the roads and the minstrel life. He had always been almost unbeatable playing dice, but one night he met a player, nicknamed Luis de las Simas Profundas (Louis of the Deep Abyss) who beat him game after game. His magic didn’t work on the guy.

Eventually “Don Luis” (quite possibly Satan himself) proposed him to bet his own life. Esteban won. But his life became even more complicated.

As he discovered some years before, after joining a rogue band of con men and robbers, then being caught and hanged, he had lost his magic. Furthermore, his regeneration had diminished to a minute, painful minimum. But he was now immortal, as he found himself hanging on the end of the rope he had died some hours before. To make things worse, he was inflicted with leprosy.

For many years he lived the mistrust, lonely life of the leper. His body barely regenerated what his illness destroyed, condemning him to an eternal life of damnation, a true living death. His hope was completely vanished when, towards 1095, a warrior saved him from drowning in a faint river.

El Cid returns

The man went away, but leprosy had disappeared. That miracle warrior was El Cid, Esteban had recovered his magical and healing powers and everything was fresh and new for him. He went away to live as a hermit in the wilderness, only occasionally using his magic to defend from the ever-wandering devils.

In 1097 a mysterious pilgrim of the Santiago Road  defended Truhàn from the same order of Vatican-sanctioned witch-hunters who had killed Don Fernan in Burgos. The Pilgrim explained he was an immortal damned until he found all the pages of the Maleficarum, the book who made him undying, to cast the spell backwards and finally rest in Hell.

He also explained that Don Luis (effectively, the Devil) wasn’t Esteban’s father but a close relative. He was the son of a saint man or woman and an infernal cohort, a hell-and-heaven spawn who would attract the attention of mystical defenders of both sides whenever he used magic.


For two years he managed to live without casting any spell. But in July of 1099, he received the telepathic call of Ximena. El Cid was in great danger in València.

When Esteban reached the city the hero was dead. Ximena asked for one more day. Truhàn agreed and returned Rodrigo’s corpse to life to lead his troops on their last battle.

After it he protected the corpse of further messing and fled, knowing the forces of Dark and Light were again aware of his presence and determined to live to meet, one day, the Wise King Alfonso of his dreams.


According to his own words: rebellious, intertwined black hair, eyes green “as the lime grown besides the rivers of Sevilla”. ”Neither tall nor short, build not-strong enough” to make him desist of any wish of becoming a warrior, and straight and broad nose, “whenever it’s not bleeding or broken”.

Since he reached maturity his appearance hasn’t changed much (except under the effects of leprosy). He is forever young.

His attire has gone from the clean cut tunic of a monk to the grey tunic of a leper or the flashy silks of a court poet in Zaragoza, but more likely he is dressed in the traveler outfit of a wandering minstrel.


There are many layers of personality in Esteban. He is a free-spirit who wants not to live the ordered life of the soldier. Yet he lived with Cid’s host for many years and had no trouble helping them in any way he could, except fighting.

He fled from battle whenever he could, but he impulsively killed Jael Nur (survival instinct or devilish tradition?) and a priest (when he was dominated by a careless psychopathic mood).

He never fails a dear friend who he owes a debt, and yet he stole Tizona for three days so to recover his lost manhood, and kept an intense hatred toward other minstrels (business is business and one’s income is on the stake).

He was forever in love with Ximena, Cid’s wife, and yet he had no trouble having sex with hundreds of women. In all of it, the dual nature of Esteban (half demon, half saint) is apparent.


“I am no man-at-arms, my lord. I don’t want to be a warrior, nor would I know how to be one.”

“Life only walks one way.”

“I had survived the Bad Host, the powerful charms of Jael Nur and even God’s own curator. I was not going to let four second class demons to devour me, no matter how much they were attracted to my blood or my magic.”

“That’s what happens when you pass too much time alone. You either end up meeting God, or you cross your path with the Devil.”

DC Universe History

Truhàn would cross his way with three key figures of the DC Universe: The Spectre, the Constantines and Vandal Savage.

The latter would be quite interested in Esteban’s immortality, until it becomes clear it comes from heavenly/devilish sources and is not thus related with his. After some testing it would also be clear that the minstrel is not interested at all in politics and the Cro-Magnon would left him go.

The Constantines would be more a pain in the ass through the years: either as people that want to kill him (given his direct relationship to the Devil) or use his knowledge (to gather old, lost relics, maybe seeking a path to Zaragoza’s Cave of Relics). Hearing about a Constantine being nearby should never be good news for Estebanillo.

And finally there’s God’s Wrath: the Spectre himself. Well, for him to have any real interest in the Truhàn, our boy should do something really gross. Like… guiding a Constantine to the Cave of Relics 😀 and taking something specially sacred, like Adam and Eve’s tree, the Holy Cross or the Thorned Crown that turned his arm invisible in the first place.

In any case, maybe the Spectre would take Esteban as his Middle Age’s host as to keep a watch over him and make sure he recovers whatever is lost… and maybe even help Santiago’s Pilgrim (another name for the Phantom Stranger?) find all the missing pages of the Maleficarum.

(In a chat with the author, he confessed he did’t expected Esteban to survive the Renaissance, much less to arrive to the XXth century. So I didn’t pursue any line of history that took him to the modern DC Universe).

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

Tell me more about the game stats

Truhàn de Castilla

Dex: 02 Str: 02 Bod: 03 Motivation: Thrill of Adventure
Int: 04 Wil: 04 Min: 05 Occupation: Minstrel
Inf: 03 Aur: 04 Spi: 04 Resources {or Wealth}: 002
Init: 011 HP: 040

Invisibility: 07, Invulnerability (ML): 02, Magic Sense: 02, Recall: 07, Regeneration (ML): 05, Systemic Antidote (ML): 03

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Invisibility affects only his left hand (-4) and is Always on (-1).
  • Invulnerability, Regeneration and Systemic Antidote don’t work against supernatural damage (-1).
  • Systemic Antidote works against illness but not against alcohol.
  • The Premonition Subskill costs only 10 Hero Points per use (+40 BC).
  • While extending the reach of some of his senses with a Ritual, that becomes the Range of Premonition (+2).

Acrobatics: 05, Animal Handling: 02, Artist (Cooking, Music, Stage Magician, Writer): 03, Artist (Actor): 05, Detective (Clue Analysis, Counterfeit Recognition): 02, Gadgetry: 01, Martial Artist: 03, Medicine (First Aid, Forensics, Medical Treatment): 02, Military Science (Camouflage): 04, Occultist (Build Artifact): 02, Occultist (Occult Knowledge, Premonition): 04, Occultist (Ritual Magic): 07, Thief (Pickpocket, Stealth): 04, Weaponry (Missile): 02, Weaponry (Melee): 03

Attractive, Expertise (Christian mythology, Christian magic, Left hand magic, Poetry, Storytelling), Familiarity (Hebrew magic, Muslim magic), Immortal, Iron Nerves, Languages (Arab, Hebrew, Latin), Scholar (Dice gaming), True Faith, Misc.: Literate?

El Cid (Powerful, High, until 1099), Cid’s army (Low), Doña Ximena (High), “Minaya” Álvar Fáñez (High), Santiago’s Pilgrim (Powerful, Low).

Dark secret (magic user), MIA (wine, Doña Ximena), SIH (other minstrels, being forced to be a soldier), MIF (using Eye of the cat), Magician’s code, Price of magic/Enemy, Uncertainty.


  • Knife [BODY 03, Enhance (EV): 01 (cap is 05), Descriptor: Piercing].
  • La chanson de Roland – Spanish version (since 1066) [BODY 02, Expertise (Storytelling), Attack vulnerability (Fire and water, -1 cs)]. Note: Storytelling stacks with existing similar Expertise into a full +2cs Scholar
  • Lute [BODY 02, Obscure (ML): 03] which 1066-1090 hid a page of the Maleficarum.
  • Abraham’s Dagger [BODY 06 SPI 12, Enhance (ML) (EV): 01 (cap is 05), Descriptor: Piercing] (1084-1087).
  • Needle and thread.

All rituals with multiple Effects can be cast with only some of them, unless they are noted to be combined. For rituals with a duration longer than 1 phase, further unused effects may be added with a Dice Action.

  • Fiery palm
    Flame project: 01, Flame being: 05.
    Limitation: Lethal.
    Casting Time: 0 APs.
    Components: Chanting (None).
    Special Restriction: For 16 APs of time after using the Flame Being aspect, all caster actions with the left hand receive a cumulative +1 to the OV. Duration of the penalty is reduced by the caster’s Ritual Magic APs over the Flame Being APs (ie somebody with Ritual Magic: 07 would only suffer the penalty for 14 APs, or half a day).
    Note: This is a Christian Magic ritual.

  • Coup de grâce
    Scientist (Observation): 05.
    Limitation: No range.
    Casting Time: 1 AP.
    Components: None.
    Special Restriction: Target must be at Body 1 or less, lethally injured and unstabilized.

  • Misty curtain
    Fog: 05
    Casting Time: 1 AP.
    Components: Talking and gestures (none).
    Note: This is a Christian Magic ritual.

  • Some into many
    Illusion: 01
    Casting time: 1 AP.
    Components: Talking and gestures (none).
    Special restriction: Needs some of the thing to create (some cards to create the illusion of another card, some money to make believe there’s some more). The illusory part may never be more than the real one.

  • Convenient Whisper
    Broadcast Empathy: 03
    Limitation: No range; can only inspire sexual desire.
    Casting time: 0 APs
    Components: A whisper (none).
    Note: This is a Christian Magic ritual.

  • Intimate Whisper
    Broadcast Empathy: 05
    Limitation: No range; can only inspire sexual pleasure.
    Casting time: 0 APs.
    Components: A whisper (none).
    Special Restriction: Target must already be aroused, either natural or magically.
    Note: This is a Christian Magic ritual.

  • Lesser transfer
    Super-Ventriloquism: 04
    Bonuses: Combined Range and Area Effect (+2); Duration is +5 APs (+1).
    Casting Time: 1 AP.
    Components: Whisper and gestures (none).
    Special Restriction: Targets must be performing equivalent actions.
    Note: This spell exchanges the sounds emitted by creatures in two areas in Range, sending the noises or speech of ones to the lips of the others.
    Note: This is a Christian Magic ritual.

  • Minor Transfer
    Mutation: 05
    Bonuses & Limitations: Duration is +8 APs (+2), must choose mutation instead of rolling (+5); affects only one part of the body (head, one limb, sexual organ) (-1), must be thematically related to the already linked being (see Special Restriction) (-2).
    Casting Time: 1 AP.
    Components: Whisper and gestures (none).
    Special Restriction: Lesser Transfer must be in effect.
    Note: This is a Christian Magic ritual.

  • Magic circle
    Force Field: 01, Magic Field: 02
    Limitations: Force Field only versus supernatural effects or creatures (-1).
    Casting Time: 0 APs.
    Components: Chanting and gesturing. A blade that is not spent (2 APs).
    Note: This is a Christian Magic ritual.

  • Flaming sign
    Flame project: 01, Flame Control: 02
    Limitation: Flame Control can only shape flames in mid air.
    Casting Time: 0 APs.
    Components: Chanting and gesturing (None).
    Note: This is a Christian Magic ritual.

  • Healing
    Damage Transference: 03
    Limitation: Can’t heal supernatural damage (-1); Killing Damage RAPs count double (-1).
    Casting Time: 1 AP.
    Components: Praying and gesturing (None).
    Note: This is a Christian Magic ritual.

  • Messenger wind
    Empathy: 05, Extended Hearing: 06
    Casting Time: 2 APs.
    Components: Gesturing (None).
    Special Restriction: There must be some uninterrupted path for the wind to carry the message to the caster.
    Note: This is a Christian Magic ritual.

  • Major transfer
    Eye of the cat: 05, Life Sense: 06, Personality transfer: 06
    Bonuses & Limitations: Range is +5 for all effects (+1), Life Sense only to locate a given being the caster knows (-2), Personality Transfer allows to talk through the target, but the caster’s voice can be recognized by Truesight (-1); Eye of the Cat and Personality Transfer are Fatiguing to the host. Check when the ritual ends (+0).
    Casting Time: 2 APs.
    Components: Gesturing and whispering (none).
    Note: This is a Christian Magic ritual.

  • At distance
    Telekinesis: 01
    Casting Time: 1 AP.
    Components: Gesturing (None).
    Note: This is a Christian Magic ritual.

  • Persuasive request
    Hypnotism: 03
    Casting Time: 1 AP.
    Components: Talking and gesturing (None).
    Note: This is a Christian Magic ritual.

  • Protection from fleas
    Aura of fear: 01
    Bonuses & Limitations: Works on animals only (-1), No range (-1), Duration is +12 APs (+3).
    Casting Time: 1 AP.
    Components: Gesturing (none).
    Note: This is a Christian Magic ritual.

  • Water into wine
    Transmutation: 04
    Limitation: Only from water to wine (-3), Fatiguing.
    Casting Time: 2 APs.
    Components: None.
    Special Restriction: Must touch the container of water.
    Note: This is a Christian Magic ritual.

  • Some into many more
    Illusion: 03
    Bonus: Duration: until dawn (+1).
    Casting time: 2 APs.
    Components: Talking, gestures, equivalent volume of similar material to the one cast (i.e a chest full of oxided junk to make believe it’s full of treasure) (2 APs).
    Special restriction: Must be cast on a night of New Moon.
    Note: This is a Christian Magic ritual.

  • Friendly audience
    Broadcast Empathy: 04
    Bonuses & Limitations: Area Effect, Only to make an audience friendly and lowering the OV of Artist rolls by 1 CS.
    Casting Time: 1 AP.
    Components: Some verses (none).
    Note: This is a Christian Magic ritual.

  • Hand of glory
    Invisibility: 08
    Bonuses: 1 AP Area Effect, those affected can see each other (+1), affects all senses (+2).
    Casting Time: 1 AP.
    Components: A female corpse’s hand, some drops of petroleum (2 APs).
    Special Restriction: Must be cast at 1 AP distance of a fire; can only be cast by night; the hand must be severed the same night the ritual is cast.
    Note: The hand is left where the Ritual is cast though his effect goes with the caster. It lasts for 15 minutes (3 min/finger).

  • Scare beasts
    Phobia: 04
    Limitation: Works on animals, only (-2).
    Casting Time: 1 AP.
    Components: Gesturing and chanting (none).

  • Tears of blood
    Sensory block: 06
    Limitation: Sight only (-1).
    Casting Time: 1 AP.
    Components: Gesturing and chanting (none).
    Note: This is a Christian Magic ritual.

  • False resurrection
    Animate dead: 04
    Bonuses: Duration is +10 APs (+1), can only raise one corpse per casting (-2).
    Casting Time: 4 APs.
    Components: Hair of the corpse, a blade of the corpse (not spent), praying (2 APs).
    Special Restriction: Caster must have at least Familiarity with Christian, Muslim and Hebrew magic or both Male and Female magic.

  • Rest in peace
    Neutralize (Animate Dead): 08, Broadcast Empathy: 08
    Bonuses & Limitations: No Range (-1), Duration is +20 (+4); B.E. can only dissipate any interest in harming or animating a corpse (-3).
    Casting Time: 2 AP.
    Components: Gesturing (none).
    Note: Besides the explained Broadcast Empathy effect, this ritual can both dispel any corpse animation at touch range and remain in a corpse so it can’t be animated for Duration’s length.
    Note: This is a Hebrew Magic ritual.

Price of magic

Esteban’s Price of magic drawback mainly manifests as random encounters with the most dangerous supernatural creatures in the zone, both evil pursuers of his saint half (the ghouls/demons at Navarra, warlock Soliman) and holy creatures, (ritual hunters sanctioned by the Vatican, the Bad Host). He can put an end to it while not using.

For some years since his close escape from the Bad Host in 1076, it also seemed to manifest as bad luck to those associated with him (Cid’s injury which led to his exile) and later, in 1084, as a magnet of missile weapons that gave him the last push to leave Cid’s campaign in Zaragoza.

In 1088 he suffered a Power Complication subplot near Santiago and his magic ceased to work, while he became truly inmortal. This was a mix of divine and satanic intervention.

The hand that is not there

After pricking his finger with one of the thorns of Christ’s Crown at Zaragoza’s Cave of Relics, his left hand up to half his forearm turned invisible. When not wearing a glove to cover it, he can sub his APs of Invisibility as Thief (Pickpocket).

His Expertise (Left hand magic) applies to rituals related to undeads and illusions (things that “are not there”, as his hand isn’t) and Stage Magician acts related to hidding items. Again, he must have his hand uncovered (no gloves, for example) for this to apply.

Finally, OV for recognizing any of his Rituals with a gesturing component is +1 cs harder when the left hand can’t be seen.

Inheritance of the monastery years

Having lived all his childhood in a monastery, Esteban is almost a priest: his True Faith advantage allows him to wield crosses and bless water in proper, effective ways versus the supernatural creatures vulnerable to them.

Previous stats

Truhàn (1065-1072)

Dex: 02 Str: 02 Bod: 03 Motivation: Thrill of adventure
Int: 03 Wil: 04 Min: 05 Occupation: Juglar
Inf: 03 Aur: 03 Spi: 02 Resources {or Wealth}: 002
Init: 008 HP: 030

Invulnerability (ML): 02, Recall: 07, Regeneration (ML): 05, Systemic Antidote (ML): 03

Bonuses and Limitations:
As main writeup

Acrobatics: 03, Animal Handling: 02, Artist (Actor, Cooking, Music, Stage Magician, Writer): 02, Detective (Clue Analysis, Counterfeit Recognition): 02, Gadgetry (Trapmaking): 01, Medicine (First Aid, Forensics, Medical Treatment): 02, Military Science (Camouflage): 04, Occultist (Build Artifact, Occult Knowledge, Premonition): 01, Occultist (Ritual Magic): 05, Thief (Pickpocket, Stealth): 03, Weaponry (Melee, Missile): 02

As before, except no Expertise (left hand magic) or Familiarity (Hebrew Magic)

None before 1070. Then, El Cid (Low), Cid’s army (Low), “Minaya” Álvar Fáñez (High)

Add MPR (eunuch, 1066-1084). Between his runaway from Burgos and the rescue at Medinaceli (1065-1070) he had Debt (+1)

His list went from Fiery Palm to Major Transfer. Before the siege of Zamora in 1072 he had never dared to use the Major Transfer ritual

Truhàn (1073-1084)

Dex: 02 Str: 02 Bod: 03 Motivation: Thrill of Adventure
Int: 04 Wil: 04 Min: 05 Occupation: Minstrel
Inf: 03 Aur: 04 Spi: 03 Resources {or Wealth}: 002
Init: 009 HP: 030

Invulnerability (ML): 02, Magic Sense: 01, Recall: 07, Regeneration (ML): 05, Systemic Antidote (ML): 03

Acrobatics: 05, Animal Handling: 02, Artist (Actor, Cooking, Music, Stage Magician, Writer): 03, Detective (Clue Analysis, Counterfeit Recognition): 02, Gadgetry (Trapmaking): 01, Medicine (First Aid, Forensics, Medical Treatment): 02, Military Science (Camouflage): 04, Occultist (Build Artifact, Occult Knowledge, Premonition): 02, Occultist (Ritual Magic): 06 (07 after the descent), Thief (Pickpocket, Stealth): 04, Weaponry (Melee, Missile): 02

As before, except no Expertise (left hand magic). After the descent he gains Familiarity (Hebrew magic)

After the descent he lost his MPR.

Wealth and Rituals:
During his second time in Burgos (1073) his Wealth was 3 and he learned the At distance, Persuasive request, Protection from fleas and Water into wine Rituals.

Truhàn (1073-1095)

Dex: 02 Str: 02 Bod: 03 Motivation: Thrill/Psychopath/Responsibility
Int: 03 Wil: 03 Min: 05 Occupation: Rogue/Leper
Inf: 03 Aur: 03 Spi: 03 Resources {or Wealth}: 002
Init: 008 HP: 020

Invisibility: 07, Invulnerability (ML): 10, Recall: 05, Regeneration (ML): 01

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Invisibility affects only his left hand (-4) and is Always on (-1)
  • Regeneration doesn’t work against supernatural damage (-1)

Animal Handling: 02, Artist (Actor): 03, Gadgetry: 02, Military Science (Camouflage): 04, Occultist (Occult Knowledge): 04, Thief (Pickpocket, Stealth): 04, Weaponry (Missile, Melee): 03

Expertise (Christian mythology, Poetry), Immortal, Languages (Latin), Scholar (Dice gaming), True Faith, Misc.: Literate

El Cid (Powerful, Low)

SIH (being forced to be a soldier), Strange appearance (leper), Uncertainty

Since 1085, after his grandfather Satanas let him win his life, he suffered deep changes. Thrill Seeker since 1085 until, in 1087, he briefly turns Psychopath before being caught near Santiago, when he becomes Responsibility of Power. They were expanded as, some months later, he became a leper.

After 1095

The previous were his stats for some years, until El Cid miraculously healed him back into his best shape, that of the main writeup, around 1095.

Design Notes

Spanish is the standard language for this character : any other language known is marked as an Advantage.

By KalEl el Vigilante.

Source of Character: Juglar novel by Rafael Martìn.