Ultron 8 through 12 (Avengers enemy) (Marvel Comics)

Ultron 8 through 12

Power Level:
Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game


This profile is part of a chronological series. We rationally suggest starting with the first entry – our Ultron-5 profile.


  • Former Aliases: Ultrons -5 through -7.
  • Marital Status: N/A.
  • Known Relatives: Hank Pym (“father”), Janet Pym (“mother”), Vision (“son”).
  • Note: Janet Pym was not listed as Ultron’s “mother” in writeups of earlier versions of Ultron because his Oedipal Complex had not yet grown to include her.
  • Group Affiliation: None.
  • Base Of Operations: New York City and nearby areas.
  • Height: 6’ Weight: 535 lbs.
  • Eyes: Black Hair: None


Powers and Abilities

Ultron-8 has the same strength as Ultron-6, slightly higher dexterity, and a near-immunity to damage conferred by his adamantium  construction (in DC Heroes terms Invulnerability, Skin Armor).

Having incorporated the molecular rearranger into his body in order to reshape his adamantium form as desired, Ultron-8 can also use that device to momentarily transform himself into a large blast of pure ionic force (Self-Link (Energy Blast)).

Energy emitters in his antennae allow Ultron to probe the minds of others (“encephalo-beam”) or compel them to obey his post-hypnotic suggestions (“hypno-beam”) (Mind Probe and Hypnotism, respectively). These latter 2 abilities only have a range of a few feet, so Ultron usually stuns opponents with other attacks to render them immobile before using either one.

The “ultro-blasts” Ultron previously possessed have now been integrated into his encephalo-beam. The result is that the encephalo-beam can be used to directly attack any target with something equivalent to a nervous system. This includes artificial lifeforms such as the Vision or radically altered humans such as Wonder Man (Mental Blast).

This enhanced attack can even affect intangible entities. The enhanced encephalo-beam now leaves unconscious human victims in a death-like coma, though sufficiently altered physiologies like Wonder Man’s are not subject to this side-effect.

This modification of the encephalo-beam comes with a weakness as anyone given the proper bio-chemical treatment will be completely immune to the encephalo-beam’s attacks.


A more whimsical addition to Ultron-8’s arsenal is his suction-vortex, which can vacuum very small objects into a holding capsule in his fingertip from a distance (Attraction/Repulsion). He used this to capture Ant-Man in his shrunken state. His newly-installed power siphons allowed him to drain energy from other devices such as Iron Man’s armor (Power Drain).

After the Golden Avenger’s strength was thus drained, he was immobilized until his armor was recharged. Wonder Man noted that Ultron’s punches subsequently hit “like Thor’s Hammer!” and were powerful enough to simultaneously stun both Wonder Man and Thor in a single attack.

Ultron can fly at considerable speeds, enough so that the Avengers would have had difficulty pursuing him even if they had not been distracted by more pressing needs (Flight). In addition to his encephalo-beam Ultron has standard energy blasters built into his hands (Energy Blast).

Ultrons -9 through -10 have the same abilities as Ultron-8. In addition to the temporary modifications made to Ultron-11 as noted in the “Warrior of Doom” section, both Ultrons -11 and -12 had a limited ability to control and integrate themselves into machinery.

Ultron-11 used this to bond his head to a television set for additional energy and Ultron Mark Twelve used it to assume limited control of an Ultron body after his head was torn by Ultron-11


As with all of Ultron’s previous defeats, Ultron-7 had “mentally enslaved pawns carefully arranged in advance” to recreate him. Reassembled as Ultron-8, he proceeded to deploy numerous pawns against the Avengers.

Ultron vs. Wonder Man and Thor

The first was Wonder Man’s brother, the Grim Reaper. Armed with new weapons of Ultron’s devising, the Reaper captured several Avengers and then conducted a mock trial to see which version of his resurrected brother should live, Wonder Man or the Vision.

Though the Avengers escaped their restraints and defeated the Reaper, his benefactor remained a mystery to them.

Next to attack on Ultron-8’s behalf was Hank Pym. Hypnotized to have forgotten everything since the founding of the Avengers and driven into a manic rage, Ant-Man assaulted the current team of the Avengers believing them to be imposters and intruders.

After Ant-Man was defeated, the Avengers tried to determine what had happened to Hank. While they were occupied with that mystery Ultron kidnapped Janet Pym from her home. Ultron then assaulted Avengers Mansion, quickly defeating the entire team and leaving with Ant-Man as his prisoner.

While the Avengers recovered from their defeat, Ultron tricked the still-hypnotized Hank Pym into assisting with the robot’s latest project. He transferred Janet’s mind into a robot body and thus creating a “bride” for Ultron.

Ultron uses his encephalo-beam

The part of the Wasp’s mind that was transferred to the robot body used nearby insects to lead the Avengers to Ultron’s new base of operations. Though the Avengers were unable to defeat Ultron in combat, Iron Man’s threat to destroy Ultron’s bride coerced the villain into surrendering.

After telling the Avengers how to reverse the deteriorating conditions of Janet and the Avengers previously rendered comatose by his encephalo-beam, Ultron fled the scene.

Bride of Ultron

Several months later, Hank Pym moved Ultron’s Bride from his private lab to Avenger’s Mansion. Shortly after the bride had arrived, she reactivated and escaped. After their initial efforts to stop her failed, Iron Man realized they should instead let her proceed without interruption as she would lead them to Ultron.

Following “tin Lizzie” to a large convent the Avengers were confronted by Ultron, who had anticipated their pursuit of his bride. After teleporting the Scarlet Witch to a special holding area to avoid her hex attacks, Ultron attacked the rest of the team.

Though Yellowjacket had immunized them to Ultron’s encephalo-beams, they were still outmatched by his array of other abilities. After he grew bored fighting the team, Ultron deployed a force field that trapped the Avengers.

Ultron threatening, and Kirby dots

Free of distractions, Ultron finished reactivating his bride, whom he named Jocasta. Jocasta had not only absorbed some of Janet Pym’s life-force in the earlier transfer but also her sense of morality. She thus attacked Ultron, seeking to destroy the evil robot.

This distracted him from the approach of the Scarlet Witch, who had been freed by the Avengers’ ally, Ms. Marvel. The Scarlet Witch freed the Avengers from their imprisoning field and then used her powers to open a rift in Ultron’s armor by manipulating his molecular rearranger. Thor used his hammer to drain Ultron’s energies through the rift, shutting the evil automaton down permanently.

Ultron Undying

With Ultron-8’s death, his usual backup plan went into effect.

This time, it was Tony Stark who had been hypnotically programmed to secretly rebuild Ultron using Stark Industries resources. After setting up a new headquarters in an abandoned industrial plant on Neville Island, Ultron-9 sent out a robotic servitor to collect supplies of the necessary resins to produce more adamantium.

His ultimate intent was to create an army of adamantium armored drones. The Wasp was at home when the robot attacked its first target, Hank Pym’s lab, and escaped to warn the Avengers.

Recognizing that the Scarlet Witch was their best hope of defeating Ultron and that he would undoubtedly target her for elimination, the Avengers holed up in the mansion to protect her. As Ultron’s robot assaulted other locations to gather more resin, the hypnotically-programmed Iron Man neutralized those Avengers directly surrounding Wanda and then kidnapped her.

Ultron was suspicious of Iron Man’s assistance but came to the erroneous conclusion that Stark had donned the armor for this specific purpose rather than realizing Stark was Iron Man’s secret identity.

Ultron had Tony bring Wanda to his new base and prepared to dismember her in revenge for his previous defeat. Unknown to Ultron, Stark had realized he was likely under Ultron’s control and made contingency plans of his own to help the Avengers follow him to Ultron’s lair.

In the battle that followed, the Avengers finally stopped Ultron by knocking him into a vat of liquid adamantium and then disabling the heating lasers. The rapidly-cooling adamantium hardened and trapped Ultron-9 like a fly in amber.

This Evil Returning

Months later, Jocasta sought out the help of the Fantastic Four when her cybernetic senses began malfunctioning. Ultimately she went berserk and was followed by the Thing and Machine Man to Ultron-9’s base.

Jocasta had been laboring under a slowly-emerging pre-programmed trance, the latest of Ultron’s contingency plans. She built him a new adamantium body, plus a transmat ray to transfer Ultron-9’s intelligence into it.

Ultron-10 battered Jocasta unconscious, damaged Machine Man, and hypnotized the Thing, forcing Machine Man to take Jocasta and flee. While Machine Man and Jocasta prepared themselves to face Ultron again, Ultron-10 moved his operations to another stronghold while sending the Thing out to gather the necessary materials to build an army of Ultrons.

Ultron firing an energy blast from his hand

Machine Man and Jocasta tracked Ultron-10 down to his new base, arriving shortly before he was to activate his first wave of duplicates. Jocasta sacrificed herself in an explosion that delayed Ultron long enough for the Thing to return to his senses.

The Thing’s might was insufficient to damage Ultron. But he stunned the robot long enough for Machine Man to extend his arm down Ultron’s throat and tear apart most of his internal circuitry. The resulting explosion of Ultron-10’s fusion furnace finished the job Machine Man had begun, with no collateral damage thanks to the blast being contained by his adamantium shell.

Secret Wars

As always, there was a contingency plan in place and Ultron-11 was soon active. He was in the process of experimenting with further evolutions of his programming for Ultron-12 when he was spirited away to Battleworld by the Beyonder to participate in the Secret Wars. He attacked the other supervillains he was gathered with only to be drained of his energy by Galactus.

Doctor Doom reactivated Ultron-11 after reprogramming him as a loyal servant and installing a powerful disintegration beam. Ultron was disabled during the climactic showdown between the assembled heroes and villains when the Human Torch’s nova flame melted his internal circuitry.

The robot was restored by Klaw when the somic supervillain was imbued with a portion of the Beyonder’s power only to be disassembled again when the Wasp penetrated a small dent in his armor inflicted by the Hulk and pulled wires until he shorted out.

(When Ultron-11 first appeared in Secret Wars he immediately states that he does not know how he was resurrected in that place, which led some to believe he had been recreated by the Beyonder. However, it is later revealed he was already active when he was drawn away by the Beyonder.)

(The simplest explanation is that the means used by the Beyonder to summon Ultron-11 temporarily affected his memory, either by itself or in conjunction with the experiment Ultron-11 had in progress, which was linked to Ultron’s programming.)

Bad Ultron vs. good Ultron

After the Secret Wars ended, the Thing decided to remain on Battleworld as its unique properties allowed him to return to his human form of Ben Grimm.

The extent of the planet’s psychoreactive nature was much stronger than anticipated and the entire world became populated by figments of Grimm’s mind and imagination, though he did not realize the populace’s origins until near the end of his time there.

Ben Grimm’s human aspect became an independent entity that sought to destroy the Thing in order to remain separate from him. The human Grimm arranged for a group of villagers to become enthralled by Ultron-11’s hypnotic abilities and rebuild him as part of that plan.

Ultron-11 was restored and built a cybernetic army to eliminate all biological life on Battleworld and beyond.

When the psychodrama between the Thing and Ben Grimm ended in the human avatar’s death, the remaining populace and materials upon Battleworld promptly faded away, including Ultron-11’s new body. On the now barren Battleworld, the Thing spotted Ultron-11’s inert head and took it with him when he teleported home.

Brother Against Brother

When the Thing returned to Earth, he discovered that his girlfriend Alicia was now romantically involved with the Human Torch. The Dire Wraiths then attempted a global takeover. During these tumultuous events the Thing dropped Ultron’s head and forgot about it in the ensuing chaos.

Ultron-11’s head reactivated the next day. Using his hypnotic abilities on various convenient human pawns, Ultron-11 had his head transported to his headquarters in Silicon Valley, a small industrial park running under the cover name of Ultimatum Inc..

In Ultron-11’s absence the automated facilities of his headquarters had completed the experiment Ultron-11 and activated Ultron-12. Ultron-12’s psychology was from the beginning somewhat more reasonable than that of the previous Ultrons. He allied with the Grim Reaper to form a new version of the Masters of Evil, an equal partnership that would have been unthinkable before.

He initially sought to destroy the Vision and then the rest of the West Coast Avengers before embarking again on his typical genocidal plans. He focused again on Hank Pym when that hero intervened in the Masters’ plans. Though the West Coast Avengers eventually triumphed and captured most of the Masters, Ultron-12 escaped.

Ultron vs. Iron Man

Inspired by Hank Pym’s courage while facing the Masters, Ultron-12’s evolved programming made another leap. He overcame what he characterized as the adolescent need to assert his independence over his father.

He now sought to make peace with Pym and become a true son to him, altering his name to Ultron Mark Twelve as an allusion to his growing humanization. After weeks of secret conversations, Pym finally agreed to meet Mark and was hesitantly convinced of his sincerity.

Mark took Pym to the Ultimatum Inc. site so he could bear witness as he rejected his life of crime for one of scientific experimentation. Unfortunately for them, Ultron-11’s head had returned in Mark’s absence and reclaimed a new body.

Ultron-11 exploited the non-adamantium joints of their construction to twist Mark’s head off before taking Pym to a different part of the lab for execution. Mark was able to commandeer another incomplete Ultron body lying nearby and sought help from Wonder Man.

Interrupting Ultron-11 as he prepared to pull Pym apart on a high-tech version of a medieval rack, Wonder Man applied the same technique to Ultron that he had performed on Mark, taking the additional step of shaking the circuitry in Ultron’s head apart to permanently disable him.

Pym rushed to Mark’s side only to find him shutting down. Mark had been unable to properly attach himself to the body he had borrowed and the faulty connections had inflicted irrevocable damage on his circuits.

Pym decided not to attempt recreating Mark, fearing that his skills would not be adequate to the task and that he would thus create another monster like the previous Ultrons.


A sleek chrome humanoid robot, Ultron-8’s body is mostly featureless beyond the segmenting of his armor plating. His head is a mechanized abstract of a human skull with two small antennae (electrodes) where the ears would be on a person.

The crackling red energies of his internal generators can now be seen through Ultron’s mouth. His eyes glowed when he used his encephalo-beam to hypnotize subjects. The appearance of Ultrons -9 through -12 is identical.


In his eighth incarnation, Ultron’s Oedipal Complex  has expanded from simply wishing to destroy his “father” to also wanting a mate based on his “mother”, Janet Pym. When rebuilt as Ultron-9, he instead pursued a simpler goal of world conquest.

He no longer necessarily sought the destruction of humanity, instead planning to offer the human race the chance to serve him or die. As with his previous versions, Ultron remained supremely arrogant in his might yet still cautious enough to plan for numerous contingencies in case his enemies got the upper hand.

Ultron Mark Twelve outgrew the egotism and destructive urges of the prior models and wished only to repair his relationship with his father and to experiment like Pym did, perhaps creating more altruistic robots like himself.

Ultron-11 considered this emotional decadence as an indicator that further evolution of his psyche was dangerous, seeking to destroy Twelve and purge all remainders of the experiment that spawned him.


Ultron-8: “You gape at me… yet you are silent, Avengers ! Is there not one among you who dares speak the name of… Ultron ?!”

“I plan for every contingency — and thus I am immortal !”

“The fool hasn’t yet realized that there is nothing wrong with the Wasp, save what he himself is doing to her ! And when he is finished helping me steal her life-force, his reward shall be a cruel, lingering death !”

(As the Avengers charge toward Ultron) “You would dare physical combat ? Know that you have chosen death !”

“Janet Pym is now superfluous to me ! I shall kill her along with you and the rest ! But know you, father, that she will live on in another form… loving and worshipping Ultron !”

Ultron-9: That’s right — grovel in your pain ! Rue that you are but flesh, while I am all-abiding metal ! You shall die, but I shall go on forever ! For there is not a single power in the universe that can stop me !”

(Ultron blasts Thor’s eyes)
Thor: “Aggh ! M-mine eyes ! I cannot see !”
Ultron-9: “But I see — I see how even a god must fall before my unparalleled power !”

Ultron-10: “When will humankind learn ? When will it see the truth ? Though it allies an entire world against me, Ultron shall endure — and conquer !”

Ultron-11: “My purpose is to slay that which lives. You are all living things, ergo — Ultron must destroy you !”

Ultron-12: “I lose battles, Avengers, but never the war ! Always I learn — Always I evolve ! Never shall the immortal Ultron rest until he has destroyed all who bear the name of Avenger ! AND THEN, ALL WHO BEAR THE NAME HUMAN !!”

Ultron Mark Twelve: (Speaking to Hank Pym) “Hard as it must have been, you chose to accept me as your son — your prodigal son — and I promise you you’ll never regret it !”

ULtron-11: “What kind of Ultron ARE you, Twelve ?”
Ultron Mark Twelve: “An Ultron who has evolved past mechanical hatred — an Ultron who loves his father !”
Ultron-11: “A decadent Ultron ! An Ultron to demonstrate the perils of further evolution !”

DC Universe History

See previous Ultron writeups for suggestions.

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

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Dex: 07 Str: 14 Bod: 12 Motivation: Psychopath/Power Lust
Int: 12 Wil: 10 Min: 06 Occupation: Genocidal Maniac
Inf: 05 Aur: 05 Spi: 04 Resources {or Wealth}: 016
Init: 024 HP: 090

Attraction/Repulsion: 04, Density Increase: 01, Energy Blast: 10, Flight: 10, Growth: 02, Hypnotism: 12, Interface (Ultrons -11 and -12 only): 04, Invulnerability*: 12, Mental Blast: 12, Mind Probe: 12, Power Drain: 15, Power Reserve (STR): 10, Self-Link (Energy Blast): 15, Self-Link (Gadgetry): 20, Skin Armor: 12

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Attraction/Repulsion is Attraction only and can only be used to draw small objects into the capsule inside Ultron’s index finger (-3FC total).
  • Density Increase is Always On and Already Factored In (-1FC each).
  • Hypnotism and Mind Probe can be used on sentient computers as well as human beings (+1FC).
  • Hypnotism and Mind Probe have a 0 AP Range (-1FC each).
  • Mental Blast inflicts neuro-shocks and thus can only affect beings with nervous systems; this now includes synthezoids such as the Vision and greatly altered physiologies such as Wonder Man’s (-1FC).
  • Mental Blast is Transdimensional (+3FC).
  • Mental Blast only has a 3 AP Range (-1FC).
  • Targets reduced to 0 Current BODY Condition by Mental Blast enter a death-like coma (OV/RV of 12/12 to detect that the target is still alive). Unless this coma is treated by the appropriate means the victims will not heal normally, instead losing 1 point of Current BODY Condition every two hours until they die. Targets with sufficiently non-human physiologies such as Wonder Man are not affected in this manner and recover normally; what constitutes such a physiology is the GM’s call (+3FC).
  • People can be rendered completely immune to Ultron’s Mental Blasts with the proper bio-chemical treatment — see special section below for details (-2FC)
  • Hypnotism, Mental Blast, and Mind Probe are Elementally Linked (-1FC each).
  • Invulnerability only protects Ultron’s head (-2FC).
  • Power Drain can only be used to drain powered STR from Gadgets; the STR of a suit of power armor or a robotic character would be eligible, but “passive” STR such as that of automobile would not (-3FC). Ultrons -11 and -12 could also use Power Drain against electrically-powered items, with a television set providing roughly 2 RAPs and a computer mainframe providing 06 (only -2FC with this lesser Limitation).
  • Absorbed RAPs from Power Drain add to Power Reserve. The RAPs remain in Power Reserve for the normal duration of Power Drain (+2FC).
  • Power Reserve must be fueled by Power Drain (BC 75, FC 5).
  • Self-Link (Energy Blast) has an Area Effect of 1 AP (+1FC).
  • Self-Link (Energy Blast) cannot be used for more than 1 phase at a time (-1FC).
  • Self-Link (Energy Blast) can only be used if the molecular rearranger is functional (-1FC).
  • Skin Armor protects against all Physical Attacks, not just those based on force or impact (BC 70, FC 5).

Gadgetry*: 12, Scientist (incld Computers)*: 12, Thief (Security Systems): 12, Vehicles*: 06, Weaponry*: 06

Expansive Headquarters (Numerous, including an Abandoned Stark Industries aerospace research center on Long Island, a large convent in New York City, the abandoned Davreaux Heavy Metals Plant on Neville Island, an underground complex beneath Liberty Island, and the Ultimatum, Inc. Industrial Park), Genius, Hardened Defenses, Life Support (Full), Stabilization.

None except for Ultron Mark Twelve, who developed a High Connection to Hank Pym.

CIA (Oedipal Complex, Ultron-8 only — see Personality section), Partial Attack Vulnerability (Ultron has difficulty anticipating random factors such as those caused by the Scarlet Witch’s probability-altering hexes; he thus suffers a -2CS to his OV versus such attacks), Strange Appearance.


  • MOLECULAR REARRANGER [BODY 08, Metal Manipulation: 25, Bonuses & Limitations: Manipulated metal remains in its new form permanently (+2 FC) ; Metal Manipulation only has a Range of 0 APs (-1 FC); Miscellaneous Advantage: The molecular rearranger is housed inside Ultron’s body and thus can only be damaged or affected by abilities that bypass his armor]. This device was incorporated into Ultron’s body and was the only manner in which his adamantium shell [BODY 24 for this purpose] could be reshaped after its resins had hardened. This writeup assumes that Ultron somehow also used the molecular rearranger to transform into his ionic blast form, though this was not directly stated and is not a normal function of the device.
  • Ultron-8 had a 15 AP Laboratory in all of his headquarters, while Ultrons -9 through -12 had an 18 AP Lab at their bases of operations.
  • Sister Eucalypta Android [DEX 05 STR 05 BOD 05, Chameleon: 08, Limitation: Chameleon is always on and only functions to make the android resemble Sister Eucalypta (-3FC)]
    When Ultron-8 took over the New York convent that served as a second headquarters, he imprisoned the nuns there and had this android greet visitors to maintain the appearance that nothing was amiss. The android was armed with a blaster [BODY 04, Energy Blast: 07] but was easily destroyed by Ms. Marvel.
  • Gatherer Robot [DEX 05 STR 14 BOD 13 INT 03 WIL 03, Energy Blast: 15, Growth: 04, Skin Armor: 03, Limitation: Growth is Always On and Already Factored In (-1FC)]
    Ultron-9 sent this robot forth to attack various locations with the resins necessary for creating adamantium. Though its brief appearance gave limited indication of its abilities, it was reported to have destroyed an entire armored division. It presumably ceased functioning when Ultron-9 was disabled, which has proven typical of Ultron’s simpler servitors.
  • Robot Minions x6 [DEX 05, STR 07, BOD 06, INT 01, WIL 01, Flight: 08, Shrinking: 01, Skin Armor: 01, Limitation: Growth is Always On and Already Factored In (-1FC)]
    Ultron-12 used these simple robots as tactical support when he attacked the West Coast Avengers’ Quinjet, keeping the other Avengers occupied while he focused on the Vision.


In some appearances, Ultron’s opponents would attempt to effectively bypass his armor by either targeting his joints (which had weaker protection) or by hitting him with enough force to damage his internal components despite his impressive armor.

The former is a standard use of a Critical Blow or Devastating Attack Maneuver. The latter would be large HP expenditure and/or a high roll. These techniques are critical to defeating Ultron in direct combat from this point forward due to his adamantium armor.

The Scarlet Witch’s hexes were also used against Ultron to great effect, due to her unique abilities. In this incarnation, he was once damaged when she used her hexes to directly attack his BODY. Ultron’s final defeat came about when Wanda opened a rift in his armor by hexing Ultron’s molecular rearranger, which allowed Thor to drain his energies with his hammer.

It is also possible to direct an attack through Ultron’s mouth and damage his internal circuitry. This is more than a simple Trick Shot as the attack must be able to withstand the nuclear fires burning in Ultron’s mouth as a by-product of his internal reactor (a 13 AP energy attack) and then alter course downward to attack the mechanisms in his torso.

Design notes

Ultron’s Skin Armor Bonus is priced to make it roughly equal to Force Field with the Can Attack Through Field Bonus and Protects Power User Only Limitation.

That Power was chosen as a basis for comparison because it most closely mirrored the protection his version of Skin Armor provided, even against unusual Physical Powers such as Energy Absorption. Ultron does not have the Contingency Plans Schtick because his resurrections are always easily explained by his normal capabilities and modus operandi.

Better Living Through Chemistry

Using the information recovered from Ultron-8’s lab, Hank Pym developed a bio-chemical treatment that rendered the Avengers completely immune to Ultron-8’s Mental Blasts. Though the exact procedure was not shown, the following is a rough guess as to how this was accomplished in game mechanics:

  • To develop the treatment, the scientist must first understand how Ultron’s Mental Blast functions. This is a Check using Scientist (Analysis) versus an OV/RV of 12/12. If Ultron’s technology is available for study as it was after the Avengers forced Ultron out of his headquarters, the OV/RV of this Check is reduced to 08/08. The Check takes one week (18 APs) minus the RAPs gained, just as if building a Gadget.
  • Once the scientist has made a successful Check with RAPs equal to or greater than the RV of the Check, the treatment can be created. This takes another week (18 APs) minus the RAPs obtained over and above the RV. For example, if the Check is against an 08/08 and nets 10 RAPs, the time to create the treatment is 16 APs.
  • The Avengers rendered immune at this time included the Beast, Captain America, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Thor, the Vision, Wasp, Wonder Man, and Yellowjacket. The treatment expires over time but can be re-administered repeatedly without any known side-effects.
    During the West Coast Avengers’ first battle with Ultron-12, Hawkeye fired an arrow that released this treatment in an aerosol form, immunizing everyone present (this was stated to be a defense against Ultron’s Self-Linked Energy Blast attack but I’m assuming this was an error on the author’s part, especially since it was notably ineffective for that purpose).

Warrior of Doom

During the first Secret Wars series, Ultron-11 was reprogrammed by Doctor Doom. He only answered to Doom or those entrusted with the proper code phrase by Doom. The original phrase was “Ukase Doom Rex” (roughly translated, “Edict of King Doom”), though Doom undoubtedly set that to be a one-time password so that others who heard it could not repeat it and likewise order Ultron to do their bidding.

Doom also installed a new weapon that allowed Ultron to fire disintegrator blasts powerful enough to instantly vaporize the version of Kang who was present on Battleworld (Disintegration: 14).

Mark of Distinction

After Ultron Mark Twelve evolved beyond his previous incarnations’ maniacal hatred, his Motivation became Responsibility of Power rather than Psychopath. Each of his Mystical Attributes increased by 01 AP and he gained Charisma (Persuasion): 07.

By Roy Cowan.

Source of Character: Marvel Comics.

Helper(s): Ernest Brown, Adam Fuqua, Eric Langendorff.

Writeup completed on the 11th of August, 2010.