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Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game


The Valkyrie is one of the classic B-list Marvel heroes from the late 1970s and early 1980s. She is a superhuman pseudo-Norse warrior, from the same realm as Thor.

These are older notes, not a full profile. But one day, oh yes one day, we’ll have time to give her the full treatment.


  • Real Name/Alter Ego: Brunnhilda/Barbara Norriss.
  • Marital Status: Married (kinda…).
  • Known Relatives: Jack Norriss (husband… sort of).
  • Group Affiliation: The Defenders; Valkyrior.
  • Base Of Operations: New York City area.
  • Height: 6’3” Weight: 475 lbs. Age: Unrevealed (at least as old as Thor).
  • Eyes: Blue Hair: Blonde


Powers and Abilities

Valkyrie currently inhabits a transformed mortal body, that of Barbara Norriss. Her former abilities as a Valkyrie have been transferred to this body. Thus, she retains her dense-fleshed Asgardian form, and increased strength, reflexes and endurance, but nothing else.

Valkyrie has had extensive training in warfare and unarmed combat. She is a mistress of the sword and spear, and can easily use both from horseback. Her skills are said to be unsurpassed among Asgardian women, and it was this skill that led Odin to make her leader of the Valkyrior. Her horsemanship skills are superb and she has mastered riding both on the ground and in the air on her flying steed.

Valkyrie typically wielded an iron spear and sword in the past, although currently she uses the enchanted blade, Dragonfang. Dragonfang is made from the tusk of an other-dimensional dragon and was passed on to her from Doctor Strange. It is almost invulnerable and exceedingly sharp and keen-edged.


Aragorn originally belonged to the Black Knight of the Avengers. He is a horse that has been genetically mutated to possess wings. When the Black Knight was turned to stone by a spell (remaining so for some time), Valkyrie took care of, and bonded with, the steed.

She stables him in the alleyway behind Doctor Strange’s Sanctum in Greenwich Village. After the Black Knight was freed from his stony spell, he let Val keep the horse.



Brunnhilda was originally a goddess of Asgard. She was selected by Odin to lead his Valkyrior (“Choosers of the Slain”). However, she was once hinted to serve something far older and more powerful than the Aesir.

These Valkyries would appear over battlefields where Vikings fought and chose the noble fallen souls to be taken back to paradise in the halls of Valhalla in Asgard.

Brunnhilda served Asgard and Odin well for centuries. Then a pact was made with the Celestials by Odin and other god-leaders not to interfere any further with Earth. As a result, the Valkyrior were disbanded and left to their own devices. Brunnhilda was bitter about her dismissal and decided to seek out adventure in Asgard.

At some point, Brunnhilda met up with Amora (the Enchantress) who offered her a life of heroic adventure. However, Brunnhilda disliked her partners’ cruelty and manipulation. She sought to teach her the error of her ways. Amora, sensing betrayal, cast a spell upon Brunnhilda, trapping her in a mystic crystal of souls.

While her body remained in suspended animation within the crystal, the Enchantress used her soul as a plaything. She granted either herself or her underlings the powers of the Valkyrie. The Enchantress first used the Valkyrie’s soul in a plot to defeat the male Avengers. Her true identity, however, was revealed and her plans were thwarted.

The Valkyrie founding the Lady Liberators

Later, the Enchantress used the soul on a wealthy Samantha Parrington to get revenge on the Hulk.

In the end, the Enchantress transferred the Valkyrie’s soul into the body of Barbara Norriss, a woman driven insane by being imprisoned in another dimension . Amora hoped to use the woman to escape from the clutches of the sorceress Casiolena with the Defenders.

Once free, however, the Enchantress did not undo her spell on Norriss. She left Brunnhilda’s soul trapped in the transformed body of a mortal woman. Norriss’ own consciousness was transformed to the sleeping body of Brunnhilda in Asgard.

Due to the nature of the enchantment, the Valkyrie was unaware of her dual existence. This lasted until she was summoned back to Valhalla to assist in a fight. There she fought herself, and won.

In the aftermath, the Valkyrie’s true body containing Barbara Norriss’ mind was condemned to Niflheim. Meanwhile Valkyrie’s mind in the transformed body of Barbara Norriss accompanied the Defenders back to Earth.

She is currently staying at Doctor Strange’s Sanctum in Greenwich Village as his guest.


As the Valkyrie, Brunnhilda is a tall, blonde Nordic woman. She sports long tresses tied with leather strips to hang in front of her shoulders. She originally wore a black, one-piece undergarment that basically covers her torso and hips. To this are attached a pair of silver breastplates. She wears a thick silver girdle with an ornate coffin-shaped buckle.

The Valkyrie on her winged horse

She wears a silver bracer and arm band on each arm, and black sandals laced up to mid-calf with leather straps. A large, billowing blue cloak attaches to her garment at the shoulders by twin, circular silver clasps. Around her neck she wears a silver, segmented neck piece.

Her sword Dragonfang is a thick but short golden blade, with a dragon-head design attached to the end of the pommel. This sword allows her to mask her Valkyrie identity by transforming her clothing to normal human attire of her choosing. In this form, the sword hangs invisibly at her side.


Valkyrie is usually brusque and quick to action. She is a noble warrior woman with an unquenchable spirit, who deems herself to be above most mortal affairs.

“Val” is trying to understand her relationship with Jack Norriss, who still sees her as his wife Barbara, although no such feelings for him remain. She still feels a sense of duty to honor and protect him for the sake of Barbara Norriss.

There is one thing, however, that defines the personality of the Valkyrie. She is determined that she needs the help of no man and that she is the equal, if not the better, of any male.


“Hela’s Ghost !”

DC Universe History

For those of you who like What If..? scenarios and Amalgam campaigns, Valkyrie would make a good mix or replacement for Wonder Woman. Alternately, she could be from a lost tribe of Amazons that migrated to the north and settled in a remote fjord valley hidden by treacherous rocks, pounding surf, and fog.

Since most of the Norse deities have Greek equivalents, it would be interesting for Diana and Brunnhilda to “compare notes” and become fast friends.

If you prefer a Golden Age campaign, Valkyrie could have been affected by the Spear of Destiny to join the German Nazis. In this way she could have been part of the Axis forces (as Gudra the Valkyrie) that battled the All-Star Squadron or Justice Society of America. She would then realize that she had been duped and later seek to set things right by becoming a heroine (possibly even joining the Global Guardians or the Outsiders).

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

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Dex: 08 Str: 12 Bod: 08 Motivation: Upholding the Good
Int: 05 Wil: 08 Min: 06 Occupation: Chooser of the slain ; Adventurer
Inf: 07 Aur: 06 Spi: 07 Resources {or Wealth}: N/A
Init: 024 HP: 060

Density Increase: 02, Detect (Death Glow): 10, Invulnerability: 06, Magic sense: 01, Running: 05, Systemic Antidote*: 08

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Density Increase Power is always On (represents the denser flesh and higher weight of the Asgardians).
  • Detect (Death Glow) Power allows Valkyrie to see when another being is going to die by revealing a glow around their body.

Animal Handling (horses, flying horses): 08, Martial Artist*: 08, Military science (field command, tracking, camouflage, danger precognition): 06, Weaponry (Melee, Missile): 11

Area Knowledge (Asgard, Niflheim – Hela’s Realm), Insta-Change, Iron Nerves, Lightning Reflexes, Pet (Aragorn), Rich Friend (Kyle Richmond).

Valkyrior (High), Defenders (High), Odin (Low), Thor (Low).

Exile (Forced), Married (Barbara Norriss was married so her husband still has feelings for Val’s “physical form” and she has eventually come to care for him), Loss Vulnerability: All Physical Attributes if Valkyrie ever attacks a woman (heck, Amora the Enchantress took no chances, huh? I believe this would drop all those stats to 2 APs and makes her physically ill for an undetermined amount of time), Miscellaneous: Valkyrie is currently trapped in the body of Barbara Norriss due to a spell cast upon her by the Enchantress causing an identity crisis for the Valkyrie.


  • Dragonfang [BODY 24, EV 05 (12 w/STR), Invisibility: 08, Limitation : Invisibility only to mask her Asgardian gear and appear unarmored and unarmed. Being carved from the tusk of a dragon, the sword is nigh invulnerable. Valkyrie typically uses the flat of the blade against living beings, for Bashing damage].
  • Iron Spear [BODY 12, EV 04 (12 w/STR)].


Dex: 05 Str: 06 Bod: 05 Motivation: Equine
Int: 02 Wil: 02 Min: 02 Occupation: Flying horse
Inf: 02 Aur: 01 Spi: 01 Resources: NA
Init: 009 HP: 010

Running: 05, Flight: 06, Danger Sense: 05

By Rob Becker.

Source of Character: Marvel Comics.

Helper(s): Vinnie Bartilucci, Sébastien Andrivet, JKCarrier, Jackson.