Violet of the Challengers (DC Heroes RPG)


(Ana Raynor)


This character is an original creation. We often call these “homemades” or “homebrewed” – think home cooking or craft beer.

Many of these characters were created to take part in tabletop role-playing game sessions. Others were invented as a creative writing exercise, often as part of a community event.

This specific character was part of a RPG campaign run by contributor Ethan, staring the Challengers.

Both Carnation and Violet were named after flowers.


  • Real Name: Ana Raynor.
  • Other Aliases: Vi (Short for Violet), Flower-pot, Violet the violent.
  • Marital Status: Single.
  • Known Relatives: Anton Berzovski (Father, Old Soviet KGB agent).
  • Group Affiliation: Challengers.
  • Base Of Operations: Moscow, Russia. More recently the Challenger’s home base.
  • Height: 5’ Weight: 98 lbs.
  • Eyes: Blue Hair: Black


Powers & Abilities

Her father, with a past as part of the KGB, teamed with a long-time friend and American diplomat. The two trained Ana along with her childhood friend, Donna Wayfade, to become a fighting duo.

Their greatest strength is each other. They have trained together their entire lives and have concentrated on tandem moves that make them exceptional hand to hand combatants. They each instinctively know what the other is going to do. They have developed team moves to such an extent that probably no other duo could beat them in hand to hand combat.

Violet is incredibly smart, so much so that she completed medical school in her teen years. Carnation and Violet also receive new equipment occasionally from their fathers.


Carnation and Violet are two young women in their early 20s. They grew up together as best friends in Moscow, Russia. Carnation is the daughter of an American diplomat (not that one). Violet is the daughter of an old Soviet KGB agent.

Their parent’s lives have been pretty confidential even to their children. Ana grew up in the harshness of Moscow under the cruel eye of her father, a hard man.

When the Challengers started up in America, Donna’s father saw it as an opportunity. He contacted their leader, Blitzkrieg and offered both Carnation and Violet for membership.

Anton thought Violet shouldn’t be in America. Ana wanted to be with her friend and let her father know. When Anton got physical he soon wished he hadn’t and acquiesced quickly.

Blitzkrieg was impressed after an initial meeting that ended with the girls helping him defeat an old nemesis. They moved to America and have very sparse communication with their fathers. Violet has sworn never to return to Russia.

Violet took a job at a local canning factory when a management position opened up. She will forever push her envelope of what is allowable and still keep her job.



Violet’s costume is purple and green with the collar V-ing up in the shape of a “V”. Her gloves and boots both flare out at the open ends making the same “V” shapes. She wears a mask that is purple in color.

Violet is left-handed and wears her Silent Gun holstered on her left hip.


The dark haired Violet is the fun, bubbly kind. She believes life is too short and never wants to be bored. Ever.

If people begin talking about serious matters she will likely excuse herself and look for something more fun to do. The only exception to this is in the case of her best friend Donna. When she gets serious Violet is more likely to try to joke with her.

Violet has a real problem with confrontation. Not the physical type she’s fine there it’s with verbal or emotional attacks she has issue with.

Normally Ana will simply walk away from a verbal confrontation preferring to ignore it. However when that is not possible she becomes hyper defensive especially when it comes to attacks on her intelligence. Though extremely intelligent she becomes embarrassed easily and angry when she doesn’t have the answer.

Otherwise, Violet rather happy, physically active and loves the outdoors.


“Ta-Da !”

“Oh for goodness sake ! Shutup !” (fires her silent gun quieting everyone in the room)

Violet: “Want to come with me ? There’s this guy I want you to meet.”
Carnation: “You know we need to get our sleep so we’re well rested tomorrow.”
Violet: “Who needs tomorrow ? It’s going to be a perfect night !”
Carnation: “Ugh. You’re impossible… Is he cute ?”
Violet: “Come on !” (grabs Carnation’s hand dragging her along grinning from ear to ear)

“I would SO rock on Jeopardy !”

DC Universe History

Violet and the Challengers can be inserted as is in one of the many cities needing heroes!

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

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A 829 points Character (without equipment).

Dex: 04 Str: 03 Bod: 04 Motivation: Upholding the Good
Int: 09 Wil: 10 Min: 07 Occupation: Middle Manager in a canning factory
Inf: 07 Aur: 04 Spi: 06 Resources {or Wealth}: 004
Init: 022 HP: 025

Acrobatics*: 04, Detective*: 09, Martial Artist (OV/RV): 07, Martial Artist (AV/EV): 06, Medicine: 11, Military Science (Camouflage, Cartography, Demolition)*: 09, Scientist: 09, Weaponry (Firearms): 07

Dream Team (no Rupture condition), Intensive Training, Iron Nerves, Language (Russian), Sharp Eye, Schtick (Fighting Array w/Martial Artist, Carnation & Violet).

Challengers (High), Carnation (High), Her Father (Low).

Voluntary Exile (Russia); Minor Irrational Fear of Being Wrong; Secret Identity.



  • Silent Gun [BODY 05, Projectile Weapons: 05, Sound Nullify: 07, Ammo: 07, Bonuses & Limitations: Sound Nullify has Area Effect and is centered on the gun (+1), R#3, Cost: 30, Note: Ammo 07 is for Projectile Weapons, she has an Ammo 04 for Sound Nullify].
  • 05 AP A Omni-gadget, Cost 7.

By Ethan Roe and Keith Roe.

Source of Character: Homemade.

Writeup completed on the 28th of October, 2013.