’For hearts long lost and full of fright,
For those alone in blackest night,
Accept our ring and join our fight,
Love conquers all,
With violet light !‘


This profile is for a generic Violet Power Ring worn by the Star Sapphire, representing the emotion of love (sort of).

It is a companion profile for the Power Rings main article, which you should totally read first.


Powers & Abilities

Violet power rings are fuelled by love, and can detect when true love is threatened within their area. Love can also be used to heal others, drawing on the victim’s loved one for the power to heal them. In this way they can even return the recently deceased to life.

They can also see others’ thoughts to a degree, and even reveal the truth to them about what they really love.

As well as standard force constructs, Star Sapphires can create crystalline constructs, trapping their enemies within and trying to convert them to the way of love.


Violet Rings look for wielders with great capacity for love. This works even if the target of their love is unrequited or lost (in which case the Ring fills the hole this love left).

Wonder Woman was recruited due to her love of all life, whereas Carol Ferris was recruited for her unrequited love, the Ring filling the void within her.


They do not, however, appear to choose males. This was likely programmed in by the Zamorans.

There are also cases of converting Yellow Lanterns such as Fatality, where they’ve had to dig to find the love hidden within. But left to their own devices will choose those whose love is more apparent.

They failed to convert the Red Lantern, Bleez, by the same method, as her rage came from being raped by Sinestro Corps members who’d jokingly called it love.

Violet power ring held in a palm

An example of the type of individual normally recruited is Miri Riam. Miri attracted the Violet Ring after the murder of her husband on their honeymoon left her heartbroken and suicidal. The Ring said that the intensity and purity of her love, along with the void created within her was what drew it.

It offered her the option of continuing to her death or allowing the Star Sapphire to fill the hole of her broken heart so her love could continue to battle hate and fear throughout the universe. It took her to Zamaron for her training, at the end of which she could hear everyone who ever loved, and no longer felt alone.

Exemplars of the traits the Violet Power Rings look for include Carol Ferris (sector 2814), Miri Riam (sector 1852), and Wonder Woman (sector 2814).


Being near the edge of the emotional spectrum, Violet Power Rings can influence their wielder with the strong or very strong desire to protect and nurture love where they find it. It builds on their natural tendencies to love.

This can be overwhelming for newer wielders, and the Ring will try overwhelm their hosts personality. Carol resisted what she described as her Ring’s attempts to put her on autopilot.

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

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INT 06 /BODY/ (Hardened) 12 BODY 30

Broadcast Empath: (AUR + Power Ring Skill APs), Comprehend Languages: 20, Crystal Production: (AUR + Power Ring Skill APs), Damage Transference: (AUR), Detect (Superior candidate for Star Sapphire recruitment): 05, Detect (true love under threat/heartbreak): 10, Dimension travel (Storage Tesseract): 01, Energy Blast: (AUR + Power Ring Skill APs), Flight: 40, Force Manipulation: (AUR + Power Ring Skill APs), Hypnotism: (AUR), Invulnerability: (AUR + Power Ring Skill APs), Life Sense: 20, Life Sense (Star Sapphires): 15, Mind Probe: (AUR), Miniaturisation: 10, Regeneration: 04, Sealed Systems: 16, Skin Armor: 04, Sleep: (AUR + Power Ring Skill APs), Telepathy: 05, Teleportation: 20


  • Broadcast Empath is User-Linked to (AUR + Power Ring Skill APs).
  • Crystal Production is User-Linked to (AUR + Power Ring Skill APs).
  • Damage Transference is User-Linked to AUR.
  • Energy Blast is User-Linked to (AUR + Power Ring Skill APs).
  • Force Manipulation is User-Linked to (AUR + Power Ring Skill APs).

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • None of the Powers has an AV (-1 or -0 Drawback, depending on house rules) – use the relevant Accuracy Skill instead.
  • Broadcast Empath can only incite love, and has -1CS of the OV for captives of their crystals (see below).
  • Crystal Production has the Porous Limitation, the Selectively Opaque and Ubiquitous Source Bonuses, and targets engulfed in crystal can be subject to Broadcast Empath, Hypnotism, or Sleep, and their breathing and nutritional needs are seen to while they’re captive.
  • Damage Transference has the User Does Not Suffer Risk of Injury Bonus, and only works if someone who loves the injured person is nearby.
  • Detect (Superior candidate) has a special +75 Range Bonus, and can only be used upon the death of the wearer, to scout for a successor. Detect itself will scan for quantitative aspects such as the relevant Power Link Skill, Attribute, Advantages, but the process also allows for benchmarking against an exemplar to determine ethical suitably. This exemplar is programmed in the rings, but this is not a flawless process and sometimes it can authorise persons who aren’t that right.
  • Detect (Love under threat) has a +70 Range Bonus.
  • Dimension Travel (Storage Tesseract) can hold a Power Battery.
  • Hypnotism can only target captives of their crystals.
  • Invulnerability is only Usable on Others, after recent death, if someone who loves the deceased is present to act as an tether, and is Minor Marginal.
  • Life Sense (Star Sapphire) is limited to detecting active Violet Power Rings, and has a +30 Range Bonus.
  • Mind Probe only looks for feelings of love, and has -1CS of the OV for captives of their crystals (see below).
  • Sleep can only target captives of their crystals.
  • Telepathy cannot be used to engage in mental combat – only for communication, often helped by the ring’s Comprehend Languages.
  • Teleportation can only be used on those whose love the wielder has already felt, to teleport them to the wielder, and has a +60 Range Bonus.
  • When used to communicate with Star Sapphires or Zamorans, Telepathy has a special +75 Range Bonus.



  • SIA (Spread/Protect love).
  • Power Loss: The ring runs out of charge after roughly 24 Earth hours of fairly heavy use. When the ring’s charge is exhausted, all Powers go to zero until recharged. The ring provides updates as to its charge status (usually as a percentage) whenever requested or when passing certain thresholds.
  • Gradual Power Loss: Mental conditions that make it difficult to accurately visualise force constructs drastically lower the efficiency of the ring. These include psychoactive drugs, neural scrambling, inner ear scrambling, some sonic attacks, etc. Any RAPs from such an effect means an immediate Gradual Power Loss of (RAPs+1) Columns on all of the ring’s Powers, as long as these effects are active. In the same spirit, RAPs from Mental and Spiritual attacks are subtracted from the EV or RV of any power ring use during the next Dice Action.

Crystal Prisons

Imprisoning enemies (particularly Sinestro Corps members) in crystals, the Star Sapphires can bombarded them with love in an effort to cure them of their negative emotions and change them into a happier, more loving individual.

This has worked, such as when it converted the Sinestro Corps member Fatality to join the Star Sapphires, although it can take days or weeks.

A target successfully trapped by Crystal Production is subject to Hypnotism, one attack per hour. Each successful attack improves the target’s attitude by one category.

Once the attitude reaches Awestruck, the target gains the Violet Ring’s Serious Irrational Attraction to protecting and spreading love, and female targets may be recruited into the Star Sapphires.

By Gareth Lewis.

Source of Character: DC Comics.

Helper(s): Peter S Piispanen, Pufnstuff, Sébastien Andrivet, Eric Langendorff, Francisco, Roy Cowan, Adam Fuqua.

Writeup completed on the 19th of October, 2013.