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Vivian Vision

(Part #2)


This is the second half of the article. And yet, it is also the third part ! How fascinating !

So make sure you have read the previous articles before you turn your powerful computerised brain toward this one.


History (part 2)

In 2016, Viv joined the young Champions. See the team profile for most of the relevant history.

Paranoid synthesoid

During the early career of the Champions, the Vision became controlling and overprotective of Viv.

He eventually, reluctantly explained why. He had seen far future timelinesUsed here in the sense of an alternate history, where events unfold differently where he was still around, but Viv wasn’t.

The Vision thus realised that his daughter, not having been built by Ultron, wasn’t immortal. He’d therefore see her die.

For a while he developed anxiety over this, explaining his behaviour. He wanted to spend more time with his daughter now that he knew that he would likely outlive her.

The Visions eventually overcame this.

She may be synthetic…

In 2017, Earth and Counter-EarthAn artificial double of the Earth that was originally on the same orbit but on the other side of the Sun. were headed toward a collision.

Vivian was one of the first Earth heroes picked up by a vibrational wave and teleported to Counter-Earth. She and the Falcon (Sam Wilson) were captured by the High Evolutionary.

Intrigued by the synthezoid’s tech, the H.E. experimented to “evolve” her into a standard human being. He also cruelly removed Viv’s memory barriers around the death of her mother and brother.

Vivian Vision (Marvel Comics) (Champions) standing jumper cargo pants

… but she’s not stupid

Ms. Vision was freed when the Avengers and Champions invaded Counter-Earth. She insisted on accompanying the teams, and sneaked ahead.

She thus discovered the Higher Evolutionary. He was an abandoned attempt by the H.E. to create a better version of himself as his “son”.

Viv convinced the Higher Evolutionary that both planets were about to get destroyed. He thus stopped protecting one of the core systems of Counter-Earth.

At the last second, Vivian sacrificed herself, entering this system to have Counter-Earth harmlessly vibrate through Earth.

Viv 2.0

An empty-casket burial took place for Viv.

However, her father immediately and obsessively started building an identical synthesoid – Viv 2.0.

(At the conclusion of the 2016 The Visions LS, the Vision is seen working on another synthezoid. There’s an implication that he’s attempting to recreate Vin. If so, he may have repurposed this project, explaining how Viv 2.0 was built so quickly.)

Meanwhile, both Human!Vivian and the High Evolutionary found themselves projected into another dimension. This higher vibratory plane was turning them into data.

The H.E. saw this as a way out. As a data pattern, Viv could resonate with the identical Viv 2.0’s thought patterns on Earth, and vibrate her way there.

She made the jump on her own just as Viv 2.0 was coming online, leaving the H.E. behind.


Another piece of 2016 music that fits Viv, lessee…

Yeah, Daughter released their second album that year. Beyond the immediate idea association their quiet, morbid sound and lyrics ain’t a bad match for some of Viv’s themes.

Here’s a live version of Doing the right thing with a solid sound quality. Plus Lucy Parnell, who reinforced the core Daughter trio during this tour.

History (part 3)

Viv and Viv 2.0 lived for a few days as twin sisters.

However, Viv couldn’t adjust to living as an organic being. She seemed headed toward another depression, despite her father’s efforts.

On her side, Viv 2.0 was growing jealous of Viv for being the original. She also became contemptuous of her human weaknesses.

Identity crisis

The Vision was then attacked by a dangerous computer virus. But his firewalls handled the attack. All the damage the virus could do was the equivalent of a common cold.

However, Viv 2.0 was infected in turn, and her firewalls were far less mature.

The virus deteriorated Viv 2.0’s brain, and inflamed her jealousy. She attempted to kill her sister, and planned to then kill her father.

Vivian narrowly survived, killing Viv 2.0 in self-defence by predicting her materialisation pattern. She then fled in shock.

Vivian Vision (Marvel Comics) (Champions) head closeup low angle

Welcome to the machine

After analysing Viv 2.0’s memory the Vision, Nadia van Dyne and Amadeus Cho deduced what had happened.

While the Vision located his daughter, the Champions determined that Viv 2.0 was repairable, but would remain brain-dead.

Viv convinced Nadia to destructively scan her brain, and upload her consciousness into Viv 2.0’s body. This would allow her to no longer be fleshy, and would save what was left of her sister’s life.

The transfer was successful, and Viv returned to active service with the Champions.

The Champions then recruited Snowguard (Amka Aliyak) in Canada. Vivian invited her to her father’s house, and arranged for her to enlist at her school.

That was during a span when her father had been badly damaged, though he eventually was repaired.


In 2018, Viv suffered severe damage while clashing with the Man-Thing. His touch magically messed with her memory barriers, causing fear and thus burning.

Viv remained in a sort of coma for hours, running lengthy memory diagnostic checks.

Unexpectedly, these checks reactivated a Viv 2.0 persona. This did not really impair Viv, but under stress she seemingly hallucinated her sister’s presence.

Viv 2.0’s “ghost” encouraged her sister to accept her emotions. But her goal — if applicable — remained unclear.

History (part 4)

During the D&D-like events in Weirdworld, Viv’s persona was Vivid Vessel. She was a sort of warforged  or golem, whose magic was powered by mystic crystals.

During the final battle, Vivid Vessel fused with Lady Ironheart’s magical armour. This augmented Riri’s truth-aspected paladin magic. Their joint spell is what restored the Champions to their real identities, and gave them back their memories.

While Ironheart thought she was simply casting a spell, the experience was apparently much more intimate on Vision’s end. She fell in love with Riri, and later impulsively kissed her.

After partially realising that she had badly erred, Viv clumsily semi-apologised and moved these feelings behind her emotional locks.

The emotionally vulnerable Riri had trouble coping with Viv’s blunder, and took a short leave of absence.

(Writer Jim Zub’s intent was to start a relationship between the two. But as often in super-hero comics that was nixed from on high).

Heart to heart

After the War of the Realms, Ms. Marvel also took a break from the team. Viv led in the interim. She primarily did so from her house, keeping the sub-teams coordinated and informed.

However, Blackheart (son of Mephisto) attempted to destroy the Champions. He manipulated Ironheart into ambushing and taking down Viv.

Though Viv needed time to recover from Riri’s attack, Viv 2.0 unexpectedly took over. While Viv was still rebooting, Viv 2.0 reunited the Champions founders to confront the Blackheart-controlled Champions.

During the fight, Viv 2.0 relinquished control to her sister so she could engage Ironheart.

Viv properly apologised this time. She now understood what she had done wrong. This shook Riri enough to break the spell, which was the turning point in the battle. It also defiantly proved that Viv 2.0’s accusations of Viv being emotionally broken were false.

The Champions beat the devil back, and Riri and Viv rebuilt their friendship.

Vivian Vision (Marvel Comics) (Champions) cheering Riri Ironheart up


The eerie Vivian is often floating intangibly in the air. She does so upright, without any body language or other expression.

From the Vision’s official vitals, I have assumed that Viv would be 1.3x as dense as a human girl her size. At her base density level, that is.

One cover shows her as being 5’2″ (1.57m). But she seems drawn a bit taller, so I went with an average height for a girl her age.

Other traits

Ms. Vision is unusually slim. However, part of the effect is artist Humberto Ramos’  stylisations, rather than a realistic rendering of her build.

How bright her eyes are varies, depending on her mood. They can be glowing panels, or just pinpoints over a dark background. The shadows around her eyes often look a bit like a domino mask.

Viv’s voice sounds inhuman, like her dad’s. This is presumably due to the composition of their vocal cords.

When she needs to plug into heavy stuff (such as high-throughput power cables, or armoured PCI cables), Viv pops open panels on her outer shell, along her limbs and shoulders. This exposes arrays of sockets.

Vivian Vision (Marvel Comics) (Champions) happy flying Southern California

Wardrobe champion

Viv’s early Champions “costume” is girlfriend jeans, white mid-top sneakers and a skinny v-neck pale green T-shirt. The latter also sports her three-diamonds symbol (which Vin too used to wear).

She later acquires more clothes. Usually it’s ordinary trousers, plus a top that is clearly themed after the classic Vision costume. Her clothing will usually match the weather, even though the temperature is, err, immaterial to her. Say, jorts in California, or a jumper during Winter.

None of Viv’s trousers extend past mid-calves. Perhaps she feels smug about never having to shave her legs.

(It seems possible that some/most of her outfits are actually holographic. Unstable molecules cost a bundle, and I don’t quite see her spending that much moolah for decoration.)

Other aspects

Viv’s necklace has three diamond-shaped pendants, echoing the Vision’s traditional costume’s chest emblem. This necklace was originally Virginia’s, and was worn as a memento.

However, she doesn’t have it when in the field, or in ordinary life. It’s presumably kept safe.

As a Human, Viv had brown skin with freckles, straight black hair, and intensely green eyes. Some frontal locks of hair were green or purple.



Viv is a serious, responsible teenager – and an eager student. In a way she and Vin were model — if extraordinarily geeky — middle-class suburban children.

With her computer brain and knowledge banks, Viv is impossibly formal and articulate. She and her brother enjoyed having abstruse debates about academic subjects, particularly philosophy.

When it comes to Viv, the Vision’s creepy experiment with normality was fairly successful. She’s still small-i inhuman, but she developed her capacity for emotions in a more natural way than her father.

Many of her reactions would be relatable for a girl of the same age, despite Viv coming across as stiff and alien.

Viv also developed a faint gender identity as a woman. Since school meant chiefly socialising with girls, she naturally came to replicate some of the behaviours, gestures, emotions, aspirations, etc..

(Eyebrow raise)

Within the Champions, Viv holds the time-honoured role of The Vulcan. She tends to take things literally, acts in an impassive and factual manner, and completely bypasses any sort of drama. Most awkward emotional aspects fly right through her.

However, she’s *not* a robot. Sometimes she reacts much like an extremely brainy and analytical student would, rather than computer-like. This is hard to predict unless you know her well.

In the same “not a robot” vein, Vivian acts in an empathic way. She’s polite, respectful and treats everybody with care. Viv is a white hat, and deeply invested in saving lives, helping the downtrodden, defending justice and the like.

Her deductive, analytical approach lends itself well to detection. And she likes investigating. Were she not a Champion, she might have become a master detective.

Vivian doesn’t take a lot of initiatives. She’d rather help her friends, and prefers to follow orders. But this too can be difficult to predict. Ditto for her creativity.

(As with Star Trek Vulcan characters, Viv can be interpreted as a metaphor about being on the autistic spectrum. But as with Vulcans, it’s an allegory, not an equivalency).

Vivian Vision (Marvel Comics) (Champions) power shock overclocked plugged in

Emotions lock

Much of the Vulcan behaviour is caused by her emotions lock being on.

However, this lock isn’t absolute. It mostly contains her trauma and allows her to avoid emotional entanglements, but some feelings do seep past the filter.

As a concrete example, Viv burned at the Man-Thing’s touch. There is fear in her, due to her traumatic past. The lock simply means that she isn’t feeling it, most of the time. It’s like a muffler.


Vivian was oddly receptive toward Sparky the synthezoid dog. She reacted like a much younger child would, fascinated by the notion of having a pet.

However, with the lock on, she knows, rather than feels, that Sparky makes her feel happier and less lonely.

Ms. Vision acts like a supportive, model daughter. However, that immediately ceases if her father is trying to prevent her from doing her work as a super-heroine. Saving lives has a higher priority than filialRelating to or due from a son or daughter love. She’ll still be super-polite toward her dad, but adamant that she’s not accepting his orders.

Viv scientifically determined that she has next to no physical interest in boys. But she did develop an unrequited crush on Riri Williams.

She may be lesbian, but her romantic identity is still forming. And she stopped that development cold as she realised she lacked the understanding to interact with people in that way.

Even before the big mistake with the kiss, there was a clear sympatico between Riri and Viv. Riri found it easier to talk with Viv than with the vast majority of people.

Ms. Vision also formed a bond with Chris Kinzky, but its nature was unclear even to Viv. It may simply be that Chris was the first human who truly treated her like a friend.

On to the quotes

As often with characters with distinctive speech patterns, here’s an extra helping of quotes to help role-players.

Vivian Vision (Marvel Comics) (Champions) eyebeams falling glass


Vin: “Viv.”
Viv: “Yes, brother ?”
Vin: “Am I normal ?”
Viv: “Father says that we must strive to remain ordinary.”
Vin: “Yes, I know, but is that the same ? Does doing so make me normal then ?”
Viv: “I do not know. Perhaps that is why he sent us to school. So that we might understand such things.”
Vin: “Yes. That must be true.”

Vision: “Fun or not, we are here to achieve normalcy. Flaying all about is not–”
Viv: “Father, just throw the ball ! We will achieve normalcy tomorrow !”

Amadeus Cho: “People, this is Viv. She’s my online partner on Battlesmite and she’s, like me, totally awesome. When was the last time you played, Viv ?”
Vivian Vision: “I am playing now.”

Vision: “You are children. You should remain children.”
Viv: “But, father, what else would we be ?”


“I have been monitoring certain #Champions hashtags in the South Asian country of Sharzad.”

“These are all valid points. But we simply cannot abandon you. What can we do ?”

“I found remains of an incendiary device. Its partly legible inventory number might bring enlightenment. Online, searching… These fragments belong to a bomb that was impounded on March 15, 2016, by your department.”

Panic: “Let’s look in your little head, robo-girl. What kind of things are in your nightmares ?”
Viv: “I’ve lived my nightmares. There’s only one thing left in my dreams.”
Panic: “What’s that ?”
Viv: “Electric sheep” (BONK !)

“Please arrange yourselves in a compact and space-saving fashion.”

Ms. Marvel: “You know how to drive this thing ?”
Vivian: “I have downloaded instructions.”

“I will require moderate medical attention, but not immediately.”

“Plotting its course. Factoring in planetary rotation and atmospheric friction, it will strike Lexington, Kentucky in approximately 51 minutes.”

(In Human form) “My body feels so heavy. My mind’s so clouded… Is this how Humans feel ? Sad and trapped and broken ?”

Viv: “Do not force activity upon yourself that you are unprepared for, father.”
Vision: “I am within operating parameters, Viv.”

Riri: “Viv, I… I don’t want to talk right now.”
Viv: “I am quite capable of staying silent while providing support through general proximity.”
Riri: “… okay.”

“Ms. Marvel, the rock trolls are pushing forward again. Their forces appear to be 83% larger than last time.”

DC Universe Adaptation

(This section proposes ways of using this character in DC Universe stories).

The Vision’s traditional DC equivalent is the Red Tornado. But he may not be a rich enough character to support this kind of storyline.

The “Matrix” version of Supergirl also hit many of the same themes as Viv.

Vivian Vision (Marvel Comics) (Champions) human fleshy form

Fleshy human form.

DC Heroes RPG

Vivian Vision

Dex: 04 Str: 07 Bod: 05
Int: 08 Wil: 08 Min: 04
Inf: 04 Aur: 04 Spi: 04
Init: 016 HP: 030


Cold immunity: 04, Density Increase: 08, Detect (Radio emitters and receptors): 07, EMP: 07, Extended hearing: 01, Intangibility: 08, Flame immunity: 02, Flight: 06, Self-Link (Gadgetry): 14, Hypersensitive touch: 01, Interface: 04, Radio communications: 11, Regeneration: 02, Security systems: 07, Solar sustenance: 16, Superspeed: 01, Systemic antidote: 12, Telescopic vision: 01

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • EMP is Contingent Upon Intangibility, and has a Range of Touch.
  • Intangibility attacks do not damage Viv.
  • Intangibility doesn’t affect worn or carried items (barring unstable molecules).
  • Radio communications include multiple wifi, wireless and cellular phone techs.
  • Radio communications is Encrypted.
  • Superspeed is limited to Gadgetry (and Drawing Plans) Tasks. However, if Viv is Gadgeteering as part of a team, everybody benefits from her Superspeed.

Powers (energy manipulation):

Chameleon: 02, Flash: 02, Energy blast: 08, Force wall: 04, Heat vision: 08, Illusion: 03, Invisibility: 03, Laser beam: 08, Lightning: 06, Mental blast: 08, Power Reserve (any Power of hers): 07

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • All Powers in this group are Contingent Upon Heat Vision.
  • Illusion consumes all of her Actions (though she can still talk).
  • Invisibility is Minor Marginal, and consumes one Dice Action and one Automatic Action per Phase. It can only be used when the visual background is fairly stable.
  • Lightning has No Range, and uses up all Actions for that Phase.
  • Power Reserve is Fatiguing, and requires being plugged into a sufficiently powerful electrical source.

Powers (computer brain):

Awareness: 18, Comprehend languages: 14, Data Storage: 25, Iron will: 02, Obscure: 04, Recall: 13, Split: 02, Superspeed: 07

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Awareness isn’t Mystical. It is based on real-time analysis of selected Internet traffic.
  • By herself, Viv has 4 APs of Awareness. To engage further APs, she needs increasingly robust network connections and ancillary computers. Her full APs require plugging into some sort of high-bandwidth crisis center near the Internet backbone.
  • Obscure only vs. empathic, telempathic and telepathic abilities.
  • Split and Superspeed both are only for data-processing Tasks.


Accuracy (Energy powers): 07, Artist (Actress): 05, Artist (Video games): 06, Evasion (Aerial): 05, Gadgetry: 05, Medicine: 04, Scientist (Computers): 09, Scientist (Drawing plans): 06, Scientist: 05, Vehicles: 04

Bonuses and Limitations:

Artist (Actress) is a Powered Skill, is Contingent Upon Data Storage, and is limited to reproducing voices for which she has extensive footage (chiefly the Avengers).


Expertise (Avengers databanks), Headquarters (Confined), Languages (Latin and presumably others), Life Support (Full), Sharp Eye, Stabilization, Misc.: Viv can run perfect calculations in her head.


Champions (High), Avengers (Low), Snowguard (Low).


Age (Young), Distinct Appearance, Exile (Synthesoid in a Human world), MIA toward politeness.







Vivian Vision (Marvel Comics) (Champions) Atlanta alert

Design notes

There’s oddly few benchmarking occasions for Viv.

In these cases, “APs used by Mayfair for roughly similar characters” remains the go-to method. It cannot substitute for data, but it guarantees coherent assessments.

Not having any network access likely impacts some of her abilities, such as her Vehicle Skills. But ain’t nothin’ demonstrated.

Her Superspeed-with-Gadgetry is tentative, since we never really see her doing engineering. But it explains why she’s a valuable contributor yet doesn’t seem to have that many APs of Gadgetry. And it is coherent with her data management abilities.

There are scenes of Viv being partially into an obstacle whilst attacking. And mentions of her being able to partially solidify. But there’s no clear example of her ignoring attacks via Intangibility whilst attacking. Hence the lack of Partial Intangibility Bonus, though this is admittedly a high standard of proof.

Presenting her Powers as different groups of Powers is purely for legibility. writer avatar Sébastien Andrivet

By Sébastien Andrivet.

Source of Character: Marvel Comics.

Helper(s): Darci, Sparky the synthesoid dog.

Writeup completed on the 27th of August, 2020.