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Guide to the Weapons Locker articles


Writeups.org has a number of “Weapons Locker” articles – named in homage to a 1980s supplement for the old Marvel Super-Heroes Role-Playing Game by TSR.

They’re not lists of game stats — though there is a lot of stats — but are closer to a guided tour about the types of weapons in action-adventure stories and the role they play. These also help us maintain coherence from one writeups.org profiles to the next, and avoid repeating explanations in numerous articles.

Generally, the stats in the weapons locker articles are the most up-to-date, so if you want you can use those instead of the stats in some of the older articles. These stats are intended to replace those in the rulesbooks.


List of articles and links

This list of links used to be quite useful on the pre-2016 version of writeups.org. It’s less useful now that there is a category for Weapons Locker articles on our search page, but let’s maintain the guide anyway.

Generic articles – modern firearms series


Generic articles – melee weapons

Generic articles – shields and armour

Generic articles – other articles

  • Weapons locker – Bows covers bows, arrows and accessories ancient and modern. No crossbows yet, though.
  • Weapons locker – The Quick Missiles Essay provides stock stats for the main missile and warheads types. It’s a short article but has suited all our needs so far.
  • Weapons locker – Old West firearms covers the guns used in movies, comics, novels, etc. set in the Old West — the decades that follow the Civil War.
  • Weapons locker was the last evolution of the original article. It covered a lot of ground – albeit in a shallow manner – so there is still material in it that has yet to be covered by more modern articles.

Universe-specific articles and links

Closing notes

Like many of our large resources-providing article (say, the Animals File) these articles are routinely being tweaked, cleaned up, enriched, corrected, etc.. You can generally tell something is new because there’s a photo you haven’t seen there before – these are very visual articles.


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