White Tiger – a guide to White Tigers

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I of the tiger

There are multiple Marvel Comics characters named “White Tiger”, and I guess it can be confusing to people who aren’t experts. So here’s an orientation (Wikipedia would say “disambiguation”) page for your convenience.

White Tiger (Hector Ayala) from the 1983 Marvel Comics handbook Hector Ayala from the South Bronx – the 1970s original.

White Tiger of the Heroes for Hire (Marvel Comics) A Knight of Wundagore. This White Tiger (well, Tigress) is completely unrelated. She was an actual white-furred tigress who was uplifted  by the High Evolutionary. She worked with the Heroes for Hire during the 2000s.

White Tiger (Kasper Cole) (Black Panther ally) (Marvel Comics) with a black trench coat “Kasper” Cole was called the White Tiger, but his ties are actually to the Black Panther‘s Wakanda. He’s a hardboiled big city cop with powers and gear comparable to the Black Panther’s.

White Tiger (Angela del Toro) (Marvel Comics) with her amulet on her belt Angela del Toro is the niece of the original (Hector Ayala) and uses the same magical amulets. She’s a former top-notch FBI Special Agent with many ties to the New York City urban heroes scene.

Ava Ayala is the most recent — as of this writing — bearer of the White Tiger name, but she doesn’t have a writeups.org profile yet.

The Sons of the Tiger used the tiger amulets before Hector Ayala, Angela del Toro and Ava Ayala did. They too have yet to get their profile.