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No updates for the next 10-15 days

13th of July, 2022

My backlog of articles-I-need-to-write-ASAP has grown too big.

So I’m suspending updates on the site for the next 10-to-15 days, to free up writing time. Exact length will chiefly depend on how severe the ongoing heatwave will be.

I’ll see how many articles I can get done during that span. Though as a disabled person in the middle of an unmanaged heat wave in the middle of an unmanaged inflation spurt in the middle of an unmanaged pandemic during a slow collapse of democracy, I’ll prolly not get as much done as I’d like.


Older bits of news

14th of February, 2022

The site has been inaccessible for several hours of the day due to denial-of-service attacks.

Such random, no-reason-lol attacks are increasingly common, I’m told.

There might be further incidents in the next few days, so the Cloudflare protection interstitial page will stay up just in case during that span.

25th of December, 2021

Happy new year — if you’re on the Gregorian calendar, of course.

*And* if people wishing you a happy new years sparks more joy than annoyance.

As with every year, we are going to skip the updates that would normally take place over the end of December, and the beginning of January.

*This* year, we also largely skipped the around-the-20th-of-the-month updates for December. Due to the workload and stress around the Worg 2022+ project, though by now the worst of the stress seems behind us.

However, there is a sort of mini-blog about WORG 2022+ going on, which is regularly getting new episodes. And the bulk of the FAQ articles have also had a review and upgrades.