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WORG Guy writeups.org mascot header version

Welcome to the 2016 version of writeups.org

The vast 2016 overhaul is now live

It took years of accrued donations and 15+ months of drudge  work. But the big site overhaul is now live.

So, what’s so good about it ?

  • Actual graphic/UX design done by an actual designer. *Much* prettier and slicker.
  • Bigger pictures in the profiles, more pictures everywhere.
  • Responsive, so it works right on tablets, phablets, smartphones, netbooks, whatever.
  • Faster and much less likely to get choked by excessive traffic like the old site was.
  • Lots of usability work, so everything is clearer – and easier to read.
  • Much more powerful, unified search/exploration page using the same concepts you find on Amazon or eBay.
  • Much more robust categorization system for the profiles.
  • Additional categories for DC Heroes articles, FAQ articles, etc. to make those articles much easier to find.
  • The profiles have a clickable “Related Entries” block. The categories, subcategories, power levels, narrative roles, etc. are all clickable to find more characters of the same sort.
  • A homepage that’s much more useful, since as it turns out people do use our homepage.
  • Revised flow for the profiles so they read better – and without having to hide the game stats.
  • Lots and lots and lots of under-the-hood improvements, by switching to a modern CMS rather than early 2000s tech.

Things left to do

  • Continuing to rewrite the old profiles for style and brevity.
  • Continuing to replace old images with HD ones.
  • Adding clickable tags to profiles.
  • Continuing to add pointers for people who aren’t expert geeks (“Context” intro sections like in recent profiles, currently-being-reorganized FAQ content, hyperlinks toward further explanations of obscure things, a glossary, etc.
  • Adding hyperlinks in the profiles’ text.
  • Clickable team affiliations, clickable author names.
  • Adding pictures in the search results.
  • More pointers and guides for people without an encyclopaedic knowledge of those characters.
  • Etc.

In parting

Regrettably, neither the content nor the site gets generated by minuscule sparkly fairies out of ineffable aether. Therefore, we need more people to join the community, as long as they’re not jerks.

Whitelisting us in adblockers  also helps a bunch.

2021 edit

For more about the major evolutions of writeups.org, you can check our site history page.