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X-Men 1 1963 - Marvel Comics - title top cover

X-Teams – a guide do the mutant team profiles

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This document lists the team profile for “X” (mutant) teams from Marvel Comics, the order they should be read in, and what they’re about.

1963+ – X-Men

The core stories. Though for the first dozen years things could get a bit mid.

Era #1 – the 1960s and the original X-Men

This series covers the material as published during the 1960s. It also discusses why.

11963-1967, part 1/2.

Organisation, roster, procedures, equipment and the start of the discussion about themes and story elements.

X-Men - Marvel Comics - 1960s team profile - featured 1

1963+ – X-chronology article

This article chiefly discusses how time passes during the original Claremont Run on X-Men. Which is useful since Claremont did not follow dominant usage in that respect.

It also covers those few indications of time flow in the 1960s run. So, all told, it’s an approachable explanation of how time passes for X-teams from 1962 to 1988.

1983+ – New Mutants

(We’re usually working per cover date. So by that reckoning the story was published in 1983. But the book was actually published in 1982, several months before the date on the cover).

The first spin-off team was launched during the heights of the Chris Claremont era of X-Men stories.

It had an almost entirely new cast, and veered more toward teenage drama and horror than the main X-Men title did.

Era #1 – the 1980s

Also called the “classic” era, though that qualifier sometimes get narrowed down to Chris Claremont’s writing run. That’s when the New Mutants made their mark – especially during the more experimental stretch when Bill Sienkiewicz did the art.

1The formative years, part 1/2.

Team data listing, team creation, and earliest adventures.

New Mutants - Marvel Comics - earliest team profile 1 - small cover detail featured

2The formative years, part 2/2.

Arrival of Warlock, the Gladiators story arcs, Asgard…

New Mutants (Marvel Comics) (Team profile #1) - Sienkiewicz stylised portraits featured

3The rest of the 1980s, part 1/2.

The rest of the The New Mutants vol. 1 run isn’t as well considered, so we’ll just cover it in two articles.

New Mutants (Marvel Comics) classic era - featured 3 cover detail 61

4The rest of the 1980s, part 2/2.

All the events from there to the creation of the original X-Force.

New Mutants (Marvel Comics) classic era - featured 4 limbo battle demons

1986+ – X-Factor

X-Factor (named after the genetic “wildcard” behind superhuman mutations) originally was a new team made up of the original, 1960s roster of X-Men.

The book eventually lost steam, but was rejuvenated with a new roster and with a distinctive sense of humour wielded by writer Peter David.

1X-Factor investigations.

Our one profile so far ain’t in chronological order at all. It covers the 2006-2013 era where X-Factor was a private detectives firm of sorts.

X-Factor Investigations - Marvel Comics - 2006-2013 version