X'Ult (World's Finest Comics)



This strange alien was seen but once, in a 1984 World’s Finest Comics. This venerable title (which started publication in 1941) had become a Batman-and-Superman-team-up anthology, but would end its run about a year-and-a-half later.


  • Real Name: X’ult.
  • Other Aliases: X’ult is also referred to as Xul’t in World’s Finest Comics #305.
  • Marital Status: Single.
  • Known Relatives: None.
  • Group Affiliation: None.
  • Base Of Operations: The Spanish Main.
  • Height: 6’5” Weight: 260lbs Age: Unknown; presumably ancient.
  • Eyes: Yellow Hair: Gray with white accents


Powers and Abilities

All natives of X’ult’s world possess the ability to congeal time. This power allows them to travel the galaxy without aging.

In addition to slowing his own aging, he can use this power to freeze people and things in time. He can also manifest physical objects made of temporal energy. In the final issue of his World’s Finest appearance, X’ult creates a glowing green, aircraft carrier-dwarfing pirate ship out of congealed time.

He also has the ability to levitate objects, fire blasts of destructive force, and disintegrate targets. Finally, he has demonstrated the power to mentally dominate Abigail Kent once he freed her from her temporal prison. He then used his tattoo of power to transform her into her Barracuda guise.

As a member of an exploratory team from an advanced civilization, X’ult possesses some scientific knowledge.


Centuries ago during the age of piracy, an alien craft landed on the Caribbean island of Haiti (or Costa Rica. See below). Among the crew of extraterrestrial explorers was X’ult, an aide to the second in command.


X’ult was consumed by the desire to conquer. Thus, when the craft left Earth after its survey, the alien hid in the jungles of the island. To survive, X’ult arranged for one of the crew’s environmental adapter to be ejected from the ship when it took off.

The adapter was damaged on its descent to Earth, its metallic skin melting into slag. By the time the machine reached the island it looked like nothing so much as a large stone. One detail did survive, however ; a strange symbol on one of the “stone’s” faces. The stone became an object of worship for a group of island natives.

Apparently, the environmental adapter’s internal mechanisms survived re-entry, as well, since X’ult thrived in his new environment. The would-be world conqueror soon began wielding his time-based powers as “The Master Pirate” of the Spanish Main.

Pirate fights

Not long after, X’ult crossed swords with Swordfish and Barracuda. These two buccaneer-heroes had gained their powers by coming into contact with X’ult’s damaged environmental adapter on Costa Rica [?].

X’ult became enamored of Abigail Kent, Barracuda’s alter ego. During one of their battles, X’ult used his time-congealing abilities to prevent the pair of heroes from activating their powers and succeeded in imprisoning himself as well as them in solidified time. X’ult’s ship struck a reef and sunk.

(During the retelling of his history, Swordfish claimed that the ship had sunk under the weight of the congealed time.)

Centuries later

Centuries later, the three forms were rescued from the ocean. Through, an encounter with the “environmental adapter empowered” pair of criminals Null and Void, they were freed from their time prison.

The various participants chose sides. X’ult, along with Void and a mind-controlled Barracuda, battled Null, Swordfish, Superman and Batman aboard X’ult’s solid time pirate ship. Superman, using his superspeed-based powers of time travel, succeeded in returning X’ult and the two buccaneer heroes to their proper time.

No further information on X’ult has surfaced.


X’ult possess red skin which glows through his loose fitting blouse and buccaneer pants. Over his right breast is the same strange symbol that is also branded on the palms of Null, Void, Swordfish, and Barracuda. This symbol crackles with energy that surrounds his chest.

His long wild hair is white with gray tints as is his Van Dyke. He has a broad brown leather belt that bears a scabbardded cutlass. He also sports brown buccaneer boots and flared brown leather gloves. On his wrists, covering his gloves, are gold bracelets.


An alien villain with incredibly potent temporal powers who chooses to dress like a pirate and who can’t conquer Earth at a time when his only super-powered opposition is Swordfish and Barracuda. Can you say “underachiever”?

Granted, X’ult seems hampered by his obsession with Abigail Kent but you’ve still got to wonder about the strength of his “desire to conquer”.

Regardless, X’ult displays all the cliché threats and subdued menace of the best world class super-villains.


“Stay back mortals, or face the wrath of X’ult !”

DC Universe History

X’ult and his quest for power can easily have taken place in the post-Crisis DC Universe. In fact, the DCU age of piracy and X’ult’s ongoing battle against the buccaneer heroes Swordfish and Barracuda would make an interesting destination for a group of time-lost PCs.

Alternately, a post-Crisis Superman, lacking his pre-Crisis counterpart’s ability to reach time-shattering speeds, may have been unable to return X’ult, Swordfish, and Barracuda to their proper time. X’ult, stranded in the current DCU, might make an interesting and unexpected villain to introduce in an adventure at sea.

His vast power-level makes him an excellent adversary for the JLA while his time-based abilities suggest at least one encounter with the new Hourman.

Finally, the ability of his environmental adapter to create super-powered alter egos out of ordinary humans could supply a ready made origin for a group of original NPC heroes or villains.

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

Tell me more about the game stats


Dex: 05 Str: 05 Bod: 06 Motivation: Power Lust
Int: 06 Wil: 07 Min: 05 Occupation: Master Pirate
Inf: 06 Aur: 05 Spi: 07 Resources {or Wealth}: 009
Init: 017 HP: 065

Control: 08, Disintegration: 09, Energy Blast: 09, Force Manipulation: 45, Suspension: 45, Telekinesis: 12, Time Stop: 45

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Power Restriction: Control may only be used to control individuals who have:
    • 1) gained a super-powered Alter Ego by being branded by X’ult’s Tattoo.
    • 2) been transformed into that Alter Ego by touching their tattoo to X’ult’s. (See X’ult’s Tattoo below.)
  • Disintegration has a Range of Normal rather than Touch.
  • Miscellaneous: Force Manipulation and Suspension are Elementally Linked to Time Stop.
  • Miscellaneous: X’ult’s Time Stop functions differently than the Time Stop Power as described in Pulsar’s Sidekick Sourcebook (See X’ult’s Time Congealing Powers below).

Gadgetry: 04, Scientist: 06

Void (High).

SIA (Barracuda).

Design notes

X’ult possesses time manipulating powers which are not sufficiently modeled by the Pulsar MEGS Power Time Stop. I have modified this Power to a great extent to try to fit X’ult’s displays of power.

X’ult’s Time Congealing Powers

Using his own terminology, the members of X’ult’s alien race possess the power to “congeal time”, an ability which allows them to explore the infinitely vast universe. One of the MEGS Powers which represents this ability is Time Stop. The Time Stop Power as wielded by X’ult differs significantly in a number ways from the official MEGS description of the Power, however.

For clarity the Power has been written for X’ult. It should be noted that this write-up does not replace the Time Stop Power as presented in Sidekick Sourcebook.

Contrary to the Pulsar Time Stop rules, X’ult’s Time Stop Power does not radiate outward from his position in a bomb-like fashion. Instead it is projected at Range (Range = Normal).

The AV / EV of the attack equal APs of the Power used. Living targets (or those that possess both Physical and Mental Attributes) defend with an OV / RV of DEX / WIL. Positive RAPs indicate that the target has been frozen in time and may take absolutely no other action until he has broken free, is released by X’ult, or the Time Limit of X’ult’s Time Stop expires.

Note: Time Stopped targets are treated as if they possessed APs of the Suspension Power (Always On) equal to the RAPs earned in the Time Stop attack. No Dice Action is required to Time Stop inanimate targets: they are automatically frozen in time if targeted.

Inanimate targets remain frozen until X’ult releases them or the Time Limit of X’ult’s Time Stop expires. The effects on inanimate objects of being Time Stopped are up to GM discretion but should include bullets and other projectiles being frozen in their flight paths and ice ceasing to melt.

To break free, the target must make an Action Check using WIL as both AV / EV against an OV / RV equal to the RAPs of the successful Time Stop attack. Characters with Superspeed may substitute their APs of that Power for either the AV or EV of this Action Check. If cumulative RAPs from this Action Check equal or exceed RAPs from the Time Stop attack, the target is unfrozen.

Though incredibly potent, X’ult lacks fine control over his Time Stop Power. When he uses 20 or more APs of Time Stop in a single attack, side effects occur. First, the Power gains an Area of Effect at the target point of 1 AP.

Second, everything within the target Area of Effect is encased in “congealed time”. This congealed time resembles green ice and has a body of 8 APs.

Finally, it should be noted that X’ult is not immune to his own Time Stop Power.

X’ult’s Tattoo

Swordfish, Barracuda, Null, and Void all bear on their palms the strange symbol that X’ult wears on his chest. When any of these symbols contacts another, the bearers (with the exception of X’ult who always retains his powers) transform into their super-powered forms.

If X’ult’s tattoo is used in this transformation, he may attempt to use his Control Power on the transformed individual.

By Vincent P. Bartilucci.

Source of Character: World’s Finest Comics #’s 304-307 published by DC comics.